Overwhelmed? Here are 5 New Ways to Get a Fresh Perspective!

Get a Grip: 5 New Ways to gain a Fresh Perspective

Life. Am I right? It can get a little overwhelming at times. This time of year especially can tip the scales towards the crazy for people. Kids are going back to school, Summer fun is winding down and because #SeptemberIsTheNewJanuary, we’re all looking over our 2015 goals and wondering what Super-Human version of ourselves was supposed to accomplish those.



No? Just me? Well, hang with me anyways.



We’ve had a few things hit us this week, some were minor irritants, those “little foxes.” And some we’re massive, like the tragic loss of a friend taken too soon from our earthly perspective by illness.  And yet, in the same breath, there are some really exciting things on the horizon as well. Life is so beautifully strange; This crazy mosaic that only makes sense when you can see it from Heaven’s eyes.



In this day & age whether you’re “little miss even-keeled” or you run a little more on the “high strung” end of the spectrum, we can all lose perspective. And sometimes we need a little something to pull us back to reality and keep us grounded.



If you’re anything like me, sometimes it’s not the big things that can be overwhelming; it’s the embarrassingly simple little details. The embarrassingly simple little details that swirl at you all at once demanding attention.



In my opinion, there are 3 options when you feel your brain and emotions kicking into overload:


A. Run and hide

B. Have a Snack. No, you shouldn’t eat your feelings (Thanks MeanGirls) BUT your bloodsugar could be low, here’s what to do about it

C. Whip out your big-girl strategy.

Today, we’re going to zero in on option “C”.



While listening to a podcast recently, I heard Joyce Meyer say,


“Too many of us are listening to ourselves when we should be talking to ourselves. “

How true and is that? I’ve been oh-so-guilty of letting my feelings boss me around. And doing that, well it can stop you dead in your tracks. So today, let’s do something about the overwhelm friends. Let’s Keep Calm and let’s kick fear and overwhelm in the face with a little strategy.



Here are My Top 5 Ways to Gain Perspective and Gain it Quickly!




1. Water:

 There’s something about getting by water that’s incredibly soothing to me. It puts life in perspective and reminds us that the same One who created that water and is currently holding the world together… is holding you together.

BUT, just in case you can’t physically get by water at the moment, I’ve taken the liberty of bringing the water to you. 😀 In February, I was by the ocean for 3 days and I captured this video. I hope the view soothes your soul today.



And while we’re on the subject of water, drink some. That little shot of oxygen to your brain could be just what the doctor order to help you fight off the overwhelm. Maybe even get crazy and squeeze some lemon or lime or…have you had grapefruit in water? #SoGood


2. Music:


The Power of Music to Shift your Mood-NoSmallLife

Music is such a powerful tool. It can literally shift the atmosphere of a room. And if you’re needing to get your head on straight, you could be just one song away 🙂

If you’ve been reading along for a while you know I l-o-v-e a good playlist.

So here are 3 to help you out when “that mood” strikes:

This one is the perfect antidote to the overwhelm


This one is perfect for when the blues have got you down. (Case of the “Monday’s” anyone?)


And this one, well this one is an awesome date night playlist juuuuust in case the reason you feel overwhelmed is that you need to connect with the one you love 😉


And seriously, when life gets pretty dark, this is always my go-to song: Come to Me-Jenn Johnson Bethel. Because they’re nothing better than going to the Lord when life is hard and doesn’t make sense.



3. Write:


Vintage Typewriter

Sometimes the BEST thing you can do to gain perspective is to get everything in your head, outside of your head. That’s why writing can be so awesome.  So whether you need to Journal it out or Type it out. Do it. It’ll help.


And while you’re writing, maybe the only thing you need to do get your perspective back, is to grab a planner; writing down and scheduling  in all the things consuming your mind.


I’m currenly using this Day Designer I picked up at Target and SERIOUSLY, I can’t tell you what a game changer it is. Plus, the Stripes make me ridiculously happy.


Whitney English Day Designer for Target




4. Laugh:


I can take myself WAY to seriously sometimes and I NEED to laugh. Laughter can bring perspective like no other. It can breathe life into even the darkest of situations causing you to become more positive and optimistic. Kids totally get this. Kids laugh about 300x a day. It’s true, I read it here.


But us adults, we laugh, well the stats are all over the map, but the HIGHEST I found were 20x a day and that’s high, some websites said 4! Yikes!




Could you use a little help in the Laughter department? Well have I got an app for you. Quick, go download “Heads Up.”

Heads Up App-NoSmallLife

Its an interactive 2+ person game you play on your phone. And bonus, it records your game on video!  I can’t say anymore, because I won’t do it justice. Just go download it. It’ll be the best $0.99 you’ve spent in a while. I can’t even tell you how many times this has helped Chris and I at the end of a long day…We even spent an entire Date Night playing Heads Up…in our basement…because we’re cool.  😉



5. Be Thankful:


Here’s a quote from Steven Furtick that could just change your life.  Let it get deep down in your heart.


“Gratitude re-interprets the situations in our lives. The attacks of discouragement will never stop coming, BUT if they’re met with praise at the gate, they won’t find entrance into your heart.”

Thankfulness is like an “Automatic Perspective-Shifter.” When we conscientiously focus in on the blessings in our lives, we remind ourselves of all the beauty God has put in our world, instead of zeroing in on the few areas where we feel lack.


The next time “overwhelm” comes knocking at your door, shift your perspective.  If you begin saying outloud what you’re thankful for, I gurarantee it’ll help.


AND just to help remind yourself what you’re thankful for, we created this handy dandy Free Printable from this Post on Overcoming DiscouragementBonus!  It comes in 3 colors…because I’m girly like that 😀 Just click here.



FREE Thankfulness Printable-NoSmallLife


Feeling overwhelmed can so quickly cause our lives to feel small.  Let’s fight back together.  What’s your favorite strategy?


Until Next Time,




  1. Great ideas and I agree with you. I write every day. Like that saying about writers that we write because we have to, are compelled to. I also adore the water. I have not been to the beach in forever, but every time I step onto that sand by the ocean, stress just melts away!


  2. I can see this list coming in handy for me on a regular basis!


  3. Love this list! All of those things are perfect. As an East Coast girl, the ocean is a part of my soul, so the sound of it is always calming. Thanks for sharing! #wednesdayshowcaseparty


  4. Great Post!! Thanks for sharing on My 2 Favorite Things on Thursday!! Hope to see you tomorrow!! Pinned!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. These are great tips. I use all these – taking a break to watch a 20 minute episode of something funny (The Office – pretty much lol) always helps me chill out. I listen to music while I work A LOT. And THE FOOD THING. I get soooo much more anxious when I haven’t eaten. I need to stop letting myself get to the super hungry stage. Sometimes I keep a bag of almonds around to snack on but I’m out and the grocery store is just so bleh haha.


    • I love the Office. I listen to music when I work/write too. Mostly instrumental because I get distracted lol. I carry almonds in my purse too, otherwise I just become that crazy hungry lady shuffling around Target 😉 So glad you stopped by Hannah!


  6. Great post! Pinned and tweeted. We love partying with you and we appreciate you stopping by! Please take a minute to stop by next week, so we can pin and tweet your new creation. The party starts on Monday at 7 pm! Have a great Monday! Lou Lou Girls


  7. I recently heard that Joyce Meyer quote and it makes such a difference for me! Being positive and grateful instead of listening to myself keeps me from getting overwhelmed.


  8. This post came at exactly the right time. I’m so utterly overwhelmed today. My husband’s deployed. We’re stationed overseas. And everything that could go wrong this week has done. Including the coffee machine breaking – that’s particularly bad! Possibly worse than the giant crack across my windshield that will take weeks to repair because it needs to be imported from the U.S. Thanks for these tips. Lucy


  9. You must have known I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately! These are all great tips and I’m so glad that you shared with us at Share The Wealth Sunday!


  10. Laughing is my #1. Thanks for sharing your list. Puts a little perspective into how to take back control the next time I’m overwhelmed (which is more frequent then I’d like to admit as of late!)


  11. I write when I got to a low point. It’s the one thing that truly soothes me.


  12. Great tips, esp. being by water. I live in the desert but I’m a beach girl at heart! With three kids under age 6, being overwhelmed is just part of the MO, I guess! 🙂


  13. I love these suggestions! Especially the one about water. Whenever I have the opportunity to visit the ocean, I feel as though my soul can finally breathe.



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  7. […] of zeroing in on the few areas where you feel lack. I focused a lot on the power of Thankfulness in this post.  Gave you some resources here. And even give you a free printable […]


  8. […] few weeks back I wrote about 5 ways to keep your perspective when you feel overwhelmed and it seemed to ring true for a lot of people. So, because the daylight is hanging out less and […]


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