Gratefulness Challenge & 5 Things I’m Thankful for Today

#NSLGratefulnessChallenge with a FREE Printable


Here we are, the beginning of November. The daylight is getting shorter and with the Holidays approaching the to-do list could be getting longer. This time of year tends to polarize people into either those who L-O-V-E the holidays with a capital LOVE or those who will grin and bare it until January.



However, one universal trait holds true for both groups of people, this time of year it’s EASY to lose perspective.



A few weeks back I wrote about 5 ways to keep your perspective when you feel overwhelmed and it seemed to ring true for a lot of people. So, because the daylight is hanging out less and less, because the holidays are coming which makes “all the feels” rise to the surface, and because I continuously want to help us see our No Small Lives from Heaven’s perspective….I have a challenge for all of us.


Introducing the “No Small Life Gratefulness Challenge” AKA #NSLGratefulnessChallenge


Throughout the month of November, I’d like to challenge you to post of pic on social media of something you’re grateful for with the #NSLGratefulnessChallenge. It can be something deep and meaningful OR just a “little thing” that made your day. It’s a Judgment Free Hashtag Zone- if you’re grateful for your coffee creamer and someone else is grateful for their new bible, let’s celebrate it all 😉


To help get your wheels turning, here are a five things I’ve been grateful for this week:


#1 This Guy-I know him through and through and can honestly say, I couldn’t love or respect him more. That’s saying something. Plus, it DOESN’T HURT that he’s “really really good looking.” 😉


How to show gratefulness for your spouse


#2 Camera Phones-How did we ever make shoe shopping decisions before being able to text or facetime our girlfiends???



The Best ways to use your Camera Phone when shopping


#3 The rare occasion that Chris and I can enjoy the same dinner: Asian Salmon Salad. So. Yum. Raise your hand if you want to see the recipe in a future post?



Healthy Allergy Free Glazed Salmon Salad with Roasted Veggies


#4 A much needed Coffee Date with my sister(-in-law). Never underestimate the power of a little “community,” a grande Verona, heart-to-heart conversations and 2 hours of window shopping. When you can seamlessly transition from talking about the deep lessons the Lord is teaching you to your favorite eyeliner, and then back to the Lord…that’s a good friendship right there. 😉

It’s so easy to neglect time with friends when life gets busy, but it’ll rejuvenate your soul and broaden your perspective. God didn’t create us to do life alone.



How time with girlfriends can encourage you


#5 Re-arranging rooms: It’s like a free makeover. It helps you celebrate your space again when it starts feeling a little lackluster.



Re-invent your room by re-arranging it


(That’s a peak at our basement which is being re-arranged as we speak.  A little furniture DIY and she’ll be ready to show off to you guys :D)


ALSO…how about a present? or 3? to help you collect all of your #NSLGratefulnessChallenge  thoughts over the month of November, we have for you a Free Chalkboard Printable in 3 Different Colors!


FREE Thankfulness Printable-NoSmallLife

Classic Black


Thankfulness Chalkboard Printable

Orange, ’cause tis the season


FREE Printable Thankfulness List

And teal because it’s my favorite color 😀



Gratefulness is a little thing that changes everything.  It lifts our perspective from our perceived reality to the true reality, in short, it’s our way of escaping feelings of discontent because it puts life in perspective. Think of the conscience practice of gratefulness like the stick shift moving into a new gear on your car.  All of a sudden you have new found momentum to take that hill that you didn’t think you could before.


Choosing gratefulness isn’t a natural first instinct.  It can feel silly to say “Thank you God…” when frustration & discouragement hit because it’s like training a new muscle you’ve never used before.  When the discouraging lies flood your mind, it’s much easier to wallow than to fight.  However, that’s a pretty miserable existence and a guaranteed way to keep your life small wouldn’t you agree?

So let’s blow up social media this month with some #NSLGratefulnessChallenge Pics.  I’m taking this challenge with you and will be posting daily.  I’m so looking forward to seeing all of the big and little ways you’re celebrating life, making your days a brighter,  and lifting your perspective!


“Gratitude re-interprets the situations in our lives. The attacks of discouragement will never stop coming, BUT if they’re met with praise at the gate, they won’t find entrance into your heart.”-Steven Furtick


Until next time,





  1. I love this idea, Megan, and I’m definitely going to join in! Thanks for the inspiration. (I love a good challenge!)



  2. Megan you inspire me! You have such a healthy outlook on life!!!


  3. Thankfulness and recognition of it in a particular manner is a good idea. I especially like it for November being the month of Thanksgiving and multiple family birthdays! Linda


  4. I love this! And I love what you are grateful for. Camera phones are something I take for granted for sure!


  5. Love this! Just printed out the teal one-because it’s close to my fave color! 🙂 Love this challenge and SO needed for me right now! Featuring this on MMM this week coming up! 🙂


  6. I love this challenge!! Thanks for sharing on My 2 favorite Things on Thursday! Hope to see you again!! Pinned!


  7. Great post! Thanks for sharing at Flagstaff Home.


  8. My hand is up…I definitely want to see that recipe! Great post and I’m so glad you shared with us at Share The Wealth Sunday!


  9. I left a comment to you about this post before you shared at my blog hop. I love this idea. Thanks for sharing at My Flagstaff Home!



  10. This post made me smile! Thanks for sharing at Friday Frivolity recently — I’m embarrassed to just be catching up on my reading now! I’m sad I missed the gratefulness challenge, though I was doing one independently myself…. it makes such a difference! 😀 Love your printables too, thank you for sharing your talent with us!!



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