How to DIY a Side Table for FREE

If you need a table, but don’t have money, skills, or time…this is for you.

FREE DIY Side Table

It’s Spring! Is anyone else itching for a DIY project? Me too. Time and Money aren’t always your friend when such an itch arises.  However, THIS little project can accommodate any budget in any time frame. Scouts Honor.

Once upon a time, my Hubby and I threw out our dated entertainment center, remember that? Here’s a refresher. We held a contest to get some help in the furniture arranging/decorating department and have been piecing things together as much as life allows. Life is pretty full right now, we’ve got some exciting things rolling your way soon! AND…we sold my car. Hey, why not do a lot of big-life-things at once right? Sometimes, that’s just how we roll. ANYWAYS,  without further adieu…

            I was hunting, er, I mean shopping, 🙂 at Home Goods for some inspiration and accessories when I found this amazing Nicole Miller metal accent table for…

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  1. Free things are always awesome, and DIY is so fun!

    Also, I nominated you for a Liebster award. There are a few things you have to do for it. Check it out here:



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