My 2 Quirky Phobias

Weird Fears and How to Overcome them-NoSmallLife


I have a confession to make. I have 2 of the weirdest Phobias you’ve probably ever heard of. They’re not normal like spiders or heights. They’re not common like flying or public speaking or 100% polyester. And one of them especially, isn’t even logical. I’ve never heard of anyone else having these phobias, so should you happen to be my rare phobia soul mate, please pipe up! Ready? (deep breath)


Phobia 1: Restaurants Attached to Gas Stations.


Restaurants Attached to Gas Stations -Ewe

                        It’s weird. I get it, but I’m convinced there’s some kind of mixing that goes on there. 😀 During our countless road trips, family vacations, back and forth to college and in more recent years, many o’ youth ministry bus rides, I packed a lot of snacks. I am queen of being able to eat healthy on the go. I’ve now twice packed 8 days worth of eat-on-the-go-meals in preparation for international missions trips. #FoodAllergies 😉 It can be done.


Phobia 2: Things sticking out of Things.

                        I realize this one needs a little explanation. So, I’m providing a visual; A Visual that legitimately gave me a gag reflex as I snapped the pic at Trader Joes.


Exhibit A: #Ew


I. can’t. even.


Basically, it’s any type of object that protrudes out of another object. Eyes on Potatoes? I’m a goner. And don’t even get me started on the soaps with all the little coffee beans and random bumps just jumping out at you. I can’t even walk by the LUSH counter at the mall without waves of nausea sweeping over me. I can’t explain it. Please don’t make me touch it. It makes my skin crawl and my head spin. End Rant.


There it is, the two things that really wig me out in life. In all seriousness though, like many of us, I have also had some much deeper struggles with fear and its good friend insecurity.


The month of October likes to capitalize on people’s fear doesn’t it? Scary movies are out in droves and every empty strip mall storefront some how deems it necessary to transform itself into a Costume Shop. Why is that? We don’t have pop up stores for any other holiday. I mean, when’s the last time the abandoned grocery store started selling Christmas decorations? It’s kinda weird.


It’s always been a strange phenomenon to me to be entertained by fear. Maybe I’m amongst the few, but I really don’t enjoy being scared. I’m someone who craves peace and joy. Fear and Terror…not so much.


Fear is one area where I’ve battled in my life.   As a kid, my fears were pretty typical, socially acceptable if you will. Things like the ole’ imagination running crazy as 6 year old Megan would walk down the dark basement stairs.

But I grew out of those, deciding to just turn the light on instead of torturing myself.

However, as I grew older, I noticed something: Even though what I feared had obviously changed, 2 things lingered:


  1. I still had fears

  2. And they were still socially acceptable.


Operating under things like insecurity, fear of failure, fear of disappointing others, and even disappointing God seemed like something I was just destined to deal with, just a tolerable part of the human condition. They seemed so common, that the thought of getting free from them never even entered my mind.


I don’t know where you’re at today, but for me, if there’s a fear that’s causing me to feel small and intimidated and I can be free from it…I’m grabbing hold of that freedom with both hands.


Fear can pop up and try to hinder us at any time. It’s like the annoying wack-a-mole game at Chuck-E-Cheese. But, through Jesus, we’ve been given free access to a “Perfect love that drives out fear.” (1 John 4:18)


The assaults of fear won’t stop coming against us until the day we get to heaven. However, when we accept Christ, we have the promise of His constant presence and through that presence we can stand up through anything and overcome.


Isaiah 43:2-3

I don’t want to forfeit up my identity on the altar of fear.

I want to live out a story that’s “Adventurously Expectant” (Romans 8:15 msg) And in order to help you do the same, I have a present for you.


If you’re one who wants more than just “feel good” inspiration and you desire actual practical steps, I want you to click here. I did a talk called “Replacing Fear” that I’m giving away right now for free.


How to Overcome Fear-NoSmallLife

 (P.S. Isn’t that artwork pretty?? Again, my friend Emily. Follow her Instagram She’s awesome.)


This isn’t coming from an expert who has perfectly mastered this part of her life. This is coming from a friend who has slugged it out with the enemy in the trenches and has lived to tell about it.


I don’t want your beautiful No Small Life to be held back in any way. So click here for the free Mp3 of Replacing Fear. It’s 25 min that just might change your day.


Praying for you today. Until next time,





  1. I totally get your phobias!
    I hate things sticking out too. And when people go inside gas station bars/shops, I’m always sure it’s the last time I see them (too much movies LOL).
    I really, really hate buttons, they often make me sick or distracted. It’s such a weird and funny fear, but apparently it’s real: it’s called Koumpounophobia.
    Will happily listen to your cd! 🙂


    • You too!?! High-Five for not being the only ones! 🙂 Buttons, that’s a new one for me, but it has an actual name, so your fear is very legit 😉 Thanks SO much Mila! Glad you stopped by, really hope you enjoy the message!


  2. I’m popping over here from Finding Silver Pennies because of my curiosity. I have a horrible fear of heights, which I guess is not that unusual. But I do have other things that people might consider quirky, such as not using my hand (only my pinky if necessary) to open the restroom door on my way out. Grosses me out, EWE!


  3. I am terrified of horses, even little ponies!


  4. I promise that you are not alone! I will never eat at a restaurant attached to a gas station…that’s just a really weird location and I can only imagine the food would be gross. It could have a 5 star rating and I’m still not eating there…LOL!
    Thanks so much for sharing with us at Share The Wealth Sunday!


  5. Such a beautiful post and I always enjoy reading about what phobias other people have! Yours I haven’t heard before and they gave me a good chuckle. Love the scripture you added to the end of this.



  6. I love your honesty – trust me we all have our phobias. I REALLY dislike clowns, as in I get goosebumps if I see them in parades and have to back away. Yucky. Great post and thanks for linking up at Happiness Is Homemade!


  7. Stopping by from the Let’s Get Real Linkup. I love this post! Your advice is spot on. Everybody has their own little things that bother them, don’t they? Mine is definitely spiders…like the picture at the top of the post is definitely giving me the heebie jeebies, LOL.


  8. I love those verses from Isaiah! I don’t have those phobias, but I share the desire to not be scared. I do not get the appeal of haunted houses or horror movies. I do my best to avoid those types of things. Best wishes to you!


  9. Your second fear of lumpy things reminds me of tryphophobia, except that’s a fear of hole-y things. Both make me feel very uneasy! Sharing your post on Twitter again!


  10. Thanks for being so honest and sharing your fears.

    Thanks for sharing with us at the Tips & Tricks party. That’s how I found you. Be sure to visit us every Monday!


  11. I have the usual spider one (I can’t even look at that top picture!) but I’m so with you on weird phobias. I have a huge problem with chalk, and anything which feels like chalk. When I see it in a shop or whatever it makes my skin crawl. Just seeing it on TV or something makes me tense up! I’m definitely going to check out your MP3 x #fridayfrivolity


  12. I LOVE this post. It is hilarious, and I have to agree that both of those things wig me out too… even if I didn’t realize it until now… ;P

    Featuring you this week at #FridayFrivolity… thank you for joining the party! Pinning and tweeting…


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