The TRUTH about Comparison

How to stop Comparing


Comparison is Gross. And it’s something I’m all too familiar with.



As humans, raised by humans (Shameless Elf Quote) we are all bent on comparing ourselves to one another.

 Elf Quote-NoSmallLife

And with the presence of social media, we are never void of opportunities.


Just open Instagram to test out this little theory. Does the “Theatre of your Mind” ever sound a little something like this?


“Ooo, I really like her hair.  I really like her hair better than my hair. Conclusion: My hair is dumb…


Ugh, Why can’t I make my living room look like that cool couple from Young House Love?? It’s so clean, and I’m so throw-pillow challenged…


Are my arms as good as hers? …


Does my website look amateur compared to that other blogger with the perfect teeth and happy puppy? …


Why can other people get so much more done in a day than I can?”…


Maybe I should take a picture of my lunch. Nope.  My lunch does SO not look like that!…And the list goes on and on.


We can walk into a room and immediately start mentally competing with one another. And after that mental competition parties in your brain for a while, it gives birth to 1 of 2 very ugly step-children.


Pride or Insecurity.


A comparison session that leaves you feeling haughty, yep, that’s pride just waiting to usher you into a false sense of superiority. It’s usually sort lived and completely environmental.


When it comes to insecurity, getting your approval from the slave-master of comparison will always remind you:


  • -where you’re failing,
  • -where you could be better,
  • -Where you need to try harder,
  • -Where you need to be just a littlemore.


It can beat you down with discouragement and open the door to a state of self-induced paralysis.   Comparison is a thief and it’ll do its best to rob you of the life you were designed to live; stealing your joy and distracting you from the person you are by taunting you about the person you’re not.

But here’s the Truth: Comparison is a Liar.


You can’t compare what you know about yourself to what you don’t know about others.


You were made and wired individually.  Not on some cosmic conveyor belt where heaven cranks out people.  But hand-crafted, knit together.  In Psalms 139, the Hebrew actually breaks down to say that we were “woven together with different colors of thread.” Isn’t that the coolest word picture?  Can’t you just picture God the Father saying, “alright, a little more purple, ooo and maybe some green right…here.”


Colors of Thred


I think that has to be one of the really fun aspects of His job.



Let’s not second guess His wiring.  Let’s not undermine the Almighty God by telling Him what He made isn’t enough.



You were designed and created to accomplish everything He’s wired you to accomplish! But the beautiful thing is, He still created you human, completely imperfect with a gaping need for Him.


So as you stare today right square in the face, there are 2 things you can do to avoid that little tormentor we call comparison:


1. Repeat after me: The success of someone else does not make me a failure.  We’re all on our own journey.  And the quicker we can start celebrating each other without being threatened by each other, the better.  Allow yourself to be inspired by others, but not intimidated. You’ll get exactly where God has designed for you to go if you won’t waste time wishing your circumstances looked different. Let’s keep our eyes on our own journey.


2. Switch your brain into thankfulness mode. I know when I feel myself start to engage in the downward spiral of comparison, it’s time to change my perspective.  And thankfulness automatically does that.  When you conscientiously focus on the blessings in your life, you remind yourself of all the beauty God has put in your world, instead of zeroing in on the few areas where you feel lack. I focused a lot on the power of Thankfulness in this post.  Gave you some resources here. And even give you a free printable here 🙂




Our weakness is the perfect spot for His glory to be revealed.  God loves the way He wired you.  Let’s not allow comparison, that dirty thief and liar make our lives feel small.  You were made to thrive. And with the power of God in operation in your life, you are complete.


Until next time,




  1. Terese Rea says:

    I love the visual of the spools of thread, all in different colors! What a great way to remember how we are all so uniquely made! Thank you for sharing!!! xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amanda Beason says:

    So good. I love the idea of “inspired not intimated”. Such a good thing to live by.


  3. Love!!!!!!!!


  4. Megan, this is very good stuff!! Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us!


  5. I LOVE this post. What a great reminder! I come across this a lot in the ‘baby world’ and it drives me nuts. Here’s to switching our brain to thankfulness mode!


  6. This is great! It’s so true. When it comes to social media, I love the saying “You’re comparing your behind-the-scenes to everyone else’s highlight reel”. Of course we don’t share the messy bits and bad pictures, so you only see what they choose to post. Comparison is no good! Thanks for sharing this with the Wednesday Showcase!


  7. Thank you so much, Meg!
    Personally I am transitioning into a new church community, so your two points are spot on for me. I will print them and meditate upon them. I have been learning to live a happy and fulfilled life without children since two years, but comparison is sneaking in to take away my joy in getting to know people in this new church.


    • New circumstances are always the perfect breeding ground for comparison, I understand more than you know Anneli Hoping you can find some friendships at your new church that will really strengthen and encourage you 🙂


  8. This is SUCH a great post. I have often thought ‘Why can other people get so much more done in a day than I can?’ and I was laughing when I read what you wrote about why can’t my living room look like Young House Love’s… We really need to not compare, it is such a nasty dark tunnel to go down!



  9. I love this reminder. It’s so easy to slip into comparison, and that never helps anything.


  10. A wise man once told me there is always someone out there who is better and has more than you, and there are also those who have less. Thanks for sharing on the #HomeMattersParty . I hope you will join us again next week.


  11. Great post! It’s true that we always want what we don’t have! I always had straight hair and wanted naturally curly hair. As I got older, my hair has become curly and now I want the straight hair back…LOL!
    Thanks so much for sharing at Share The Wealth Sunday!


  12. Amen!


  13. LOVE this! Perfectly said! Thanks so much for sharing this on MMM!


  14. Lori Schumaker of Seaching for Moments says:

    Fabulous post! Our society today is a nonstop feed of comparison breeding ground. To survive whole and healthy, we need to remember Whose we are. I love your two strategies – spot on! It will always remind us that we are uniquely wired just the way the God of the Universe wants us 🙂
    This was my first visit here. You have a wonderful site!!
    Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!!

    Liked by 1 person


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