Crazy little thing called February

Hi I’m February, and I’m hear to drain the life out of you.  Too dramatic?? 😉

Well seriously though friends, unless you live in one of the few parts of the country that has not been affected by this winter, I think we can all agree we’re all a little tired of this weather and ready for a glimmer of spring.  HOWEVER, this is the forecast coming across my news feed for the day:


Yikes!  This so would’ve been a good year to invest in a snow thrower…

A few weekends back our Youth Ministry did an all day retreat with about 100 7th-12th graders.  That day I was reminded of a very powerful life lesson.

Music, is an incredible motivator.  It was an AMAZING day, but whenever you have that many people to keep moving for 12-13 hours there are sure to be a few ebbs and flows to the ol’ energy.  Enter Music.  The right song can change everything.  Have you ever noticed that?  We would see kids just about ready to drop and then a rockin’ song would come on and all of sudden everyone is bought back to life again.

Having the right playlist is key to getting you through so many situations.  I have playlists for workouts, date nights with my hubby, getting ready in the morning and for my time with God.  The right music can set the tone,  change your perspective,  give you energy, or just get you moving.  That’s why today friends, I have the (insert drumroll clappy thing on your leg)

FIRST EVER SHE SAID CHALLENGE (…did the bold and all caps make that feel epic??)

In order to get through this crazy little thing called February, I’m thinking we all need the right playlist!

How awesome would it be if we could all share one of our favorite songs to get us moving and keep us positive through this crazy winter?  I’m always looking for new songs to add a little smile to life, so why not help each other out?  In the end, we’ll all come out with a great list of new loves and old favorites too keep our joy on through this snow.

And don’t worry, this is a judgement free zone, no one will hate on your song selection.  🙂

So, I’ll start.  Here’s a few fav’s in no particular order:

Pillar’s cover of “Shine”

Image 2

I am unashamedly a product of the 90’s and this version is even better than the original, if I do say so myself. 😉

“New Shoes” by Paolo Nutini

Image 1

This song is literally the definition of “peppy.” It’ll make you happy.

And last but certainly not least:

Image 4

“Te Amo” (feat. T Bone) by Israel & New Breed

You can’t not move when you hear this song! PLUS T. Bone raps in Spanish…and you just feel slightly cooler when you listen to it.

So here you go kids, a few new favorites to add to your playlist and your joy.  Hope this helps you stay motivated and positive while you’re shoveling, commuting, or just needing a little help to get moving.  Be sure to leave lots of comment love because I can’t wait to hear your favorite “Power Songs”…(ok THAT was cheesy) too!


  1. I’m so with u…this morning I turned on music in desperate need of pep….music of choice…..old school Steven Curtis Chapman….heaven in the real world….might be cheesy but there are some really inspirational lyrics on that ‘tape’….ha ha ha! it was on my itunes….not actual tape …so I wasn’t that old school right?!


  2. My pick-me-up songs? Disney music. (Don’t laugh.) It’s so cheery and catchy and nostalgic. Okay, so Frozen songs aren’t nostalgic, just catchy and fun. 🙂


  3. Sandy McDonough says:

    Hey Meg, great post! I’m right there with ya. This song will definitely be on my February pick me up playlist…Happy by Pharrell Williams. Love it!


  4. Megan, have you heard “jenny” by Paolo Nutini? Kelly and I love that song, very peppy, very summer! Thanks for the suggestions!


  5. sarah bongiorno says:

    I agree with sandy! The ‘Happy’ song is an everyday jam in our house or car!! And Erin I’m totally happy with your Disney suggestion. It does make me happy when I play that pandora station! And shhh sometimes even some Michael Buble Christmas can make ya feel all cozy inside 🙂 lol



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  5. […] given you playlists to: Get through the winter, play on a rainy […]


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