Everything you need For “Nationwide Date Night” #DateNight918

All you need to know about "Nationwide Date Night"Have you heard?? September 18th is “Nationwide Date Night!” We are big believers in Date Night around here. There is such a  power in connecting with the one you love on a regular basis. 




It’s like relationship cement...in a good way.


Just last week, we stole away for a much needed day trip.  It was so great to do something with each other outside the norm.  To steal a line from the door-to-door salesman that stopped by earlier, “It’s not just luxury, but truly, a necessity.”





So in order to help you celebrate #DateNight918 we are bringing you Date Night Ideas, 3 Date Nights to avoid AND even the PERFECT playlist to kick off that drive time in the car.



First Up, Date Night Ideas!  Keeping date nights fresh and life-giving can be a lot of work!  #TheStruggleIsReal There’s nothing wrong with the ole “Dinner and  a Movie,” (except that it can be a little spendy!) BUT, studies show that when couple try something new or a little “out-of-the-box,” it triggers the release of dopamine (the L-O-V-E chemical) in your brain.



So to up your dopamine ante, here are 3 Date Night Ideas you may NOT have tried:

3 New Date Ideas to Try-NoSmallLIfe


If “Day” Dates work better for your schedule, then take advantage of the beautiful weather and try these out for size:


Take Out & the Park. The Perfect Inexpensive Combo


Inexpensive Date Night Ideas-NoSmallLife

Cooking Together with Farmers Market finds:


Farmers Market Date Night-NoSmallLife


If you’d like to learn from our Date Night mistakes, then don’t miss this series of posts: Date Night FAIL 1, 2, 3


Funny Stories of Date Night Disasters

There was: The Boat we NEVER should’ve gotten on, The Date that didn’t live up to the hype, and the MOST EXPENSIVE Mistake I accidentally made



And that brings us to the PERFECT Date Night Playlist.  Whether you need a good song to help you recover from your own #DateNightFail OR you’re just looking to set the mood, I’ve got you covered.  Here are 20+ songs ranging everywhere from Chicago to Alicia Keys to Dave Matthews and Stevie Wonder.  There’s a little something for everyone…OR just for you if your taste in music happens to be as eclectic as mine.


The Best Date Night Playlist



Ok guys, you are all set!  Armed and ready with what to do, what NOT to do AND even what to listen to.

For our #DateNight918 this year, we’re heading out on a triple date to celebrate my mom & sister’s birthdays. New Restaurant, Board Games, Epic Amounts of Decaf, I’m pretty excited.

How will you Celebrate #DateNight918 this year??

Until Next Time,






  1. I had no idea that Friday was an OFFICIAL date night – just happened to have a chance to take advantage of daycare running their monthly date night and celebrate our anniversary at the restaurant where my husband proposed. Glad we got to participate!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Before-kids my hubby and I used to love baking together!


  3. As a counselor, I often assign date nights as part of a couple’s homework. It’s so valuable. I define a date as “two hours without kids doing something you enjoy.” Blessings!


  4. Thanks for the great ideas! Jason and I should definitely do a date night soon 🙂 Our anniversary is actually just a couple days away from Nationwide Date Night!


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