Eclectic Home Office Reveal

Home Office on a Budget

When we moved into our home built in 1989…it was guilty as charged. The previous owners took great pride and care of their home. They even did a few upgrades that we would’ve never have been able to afford. HOWEVER, their “style” was well, let’s just say, the former “lady of the house” was pretty offended when she unexpectedly walked in the front door and her beloved Navy and Pink Cabbage Rose curtains were in a heap on the floor. Whoops!


Every room, and I do mean every room was outfitted with different colored carpeting and either a self-adhesive border (thanks 80’s), a metallic wallpaper or, when we were really lucky…both. Yay.


My now office was no exception. We tore through the rest of the house, but, that room, well it sat untouched… for 4 years.


And there’s a reason for that.

You see that room, with the bay window, was the room I thought for sure would be our kid’s room. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all heavy on you 😉 I’ll let you read more about that here if you like. But, needless to say, the door to this room remained closed a lot of the time. A room that had so much potential had somehow become painful.


And then one day, a few years into our journey, finally tackling this room was soul-healing. Redoing this room helped us to not only make peace with our unexpected life, but to celebrate it.


Home Office Reveal-NoSmallLife


It’s sort of amazing the tremendous impact that environment can have on us. So if you have a space that could use a little “life,” I hope this serves as inspiration.


DISCLAIMER: This office is totally imperfect. Right down to the cracked futon frame that makes me say a little prayer every time I hop on. The funny thing is, I’m totally ok with that. The perfectionist in me has surrendered to the artist in me and given her a place to experiment and spray paint all the things. For example, this desk:


Desk Redo-NoSmallLife

Total Salvation Army find. It was a very bad yellowy gold. Chris gave it some new life with a coat of primer and two coats of white paint while I spray painted the handles orange.


It takes itself much less seriously than it did when it was gold.


Desk Redo-NoSmallLife

The mirror is from Home Goods and allows us to double this space as a guest room. My “seat” is a $5 Ikea stool with a piece of cut foam on top covered in fabric and wait for it…duct taped down. “I’m so fancy..” but it’s cute duct tape..that’s better right?? 😉


How to make your Office Creative on a Budget

The rug is a clearance find from Target and brings some welcome pattern into the room.  Isn’t there just something so satisfying about discovering those little red ticket items on the end caps?


This futon, that desperately needs a cover, pretends he doesn’t when he gets cloaked in a gifted blanket. PS. Blankets are fantastic gifts. Just sayin.

Typography Pillows


I like to experiment ie throw all the pillows I’m NOT using elsewhere in the house on him. Yes, that’s my Christmas Pillow from this Post, but it’s chalkboard, so its ok lol

And if you remember this “JOY” pillow, congratulations, you’ve been reading this blog For-e-ver! Yay you.


Target Typography Pillow


The Gallery Wall is made up of mismatched frames all united by, you guessed it spray paint. I arranged it using the method I spelled out for you when I did my Pottery Barn Knock-off wall. And yes, those kids you see in the frames…that’s Chris and I as littles. There’s something special about seeing little kid pictures of yourself. It’s a reminder that I want to help that little girl make her dreams happen, even on the days when her older self gets deterred.

Little Me-NoSmallLife

This little corner makes me smile. My FREE DIY table is hosting a plant for a little shot of green in the corner. This lamp was a gold-hand-me-down that I got from my mama, the OTHER queen of spray paint, so it seemed only fitting to give it new life with Rustoleum’s White in Gloss. You may remember this chair from my living room. He’s also lived in my Master Bedroom. He’s a bit of a nomad.


Home Office Reveal


The White Polka Dots are from Classy Clutter Designs on Etsy. The same shop I got our beloved “hello.” decal from. They’re so whimsical my only regret is that I didn’t get 2 sheets. 😉 But for $4.50…I’m thinking another one is in my future really soon! 😉

White Polka Dot Wall Decal


There you have it friends, “my little slice of DIY.” The “you’re free to play, and get creative inspiration space.”


Desk Redo-NoSmallLife



The only thing that would make this space better…other people.


Home Offices are nice and all, but they can get a little lonely. Now I’m only in mine 1-2 days a week, but if this were my full time gig, you better believe I’d be craving people, big open spaces, oodles of natural light, and great design. Something Loft-like, industrial meets glam maybe? With awesome seating? Exposed brick? (Are you drooling yet? 😉 )


While that may be a dream for now, I have to tell you guys about this company called WeWork.  Have you heard of them? They’re mission is to:



create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living.



I love that. They have some of the COOLEST shared community work spaces ever. And maybe just maybe if they like this post enough, they’ll want to put one in my neck of the woods. 😀 Maybe. #HeresToHoping #AGirlCanDream.

So there you have it. A glimpse into my creative space. A little inspiration for one of your room’s that could use some life. AND a new company for your No Small Life to check out.



What would your ideal creative space look like???



Until next time,



  1. This room looks so bright and welcoming! A clean space to really get some work done. Love the colours you chose! And yes, blankets are always welcome gifts 🙂 Thanks for sharing with the Wednesday Showcase!


  2. I love your home office! It’s so pretty and happy. We just bought a house and since I work full time from home I get to turn one of the bedrooms into an office. I’ve been dreaming of some ideas for it, and I want to do a gallery wall too! Yours is awesome!


  3. Great Post Meg! I love what you did with the space! Maybe some day, you husband will buy you a new futon!!


  4. Such a pretty room with lots of color. I love the hardware on your desk. It is so unexpected and yet so happy. Let us celebrate imperfection!


  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I just love that large mirror. 🙂


  6. What a great re-do! pretty! Thanks for sharing on My 2 favorite Things on Thursday – link Party! Hope to see you again this week! Pinned!


  7. You have definitely transformed this room. I wish there was a before picture. Though your description paints a pretty good picture. 😉
    I love how each item tells a story. It makes it personal. It makes it truly yours.
    Thanks for sharing it at Tell’em Tuesdays!
    Now I have a great blog to start reading. 🙂


  8. Nice space and I love the colors and that desk is killer! Nice job!


  9. I love your home office! Mine at the moment is simply a table in front of a window but it’s OK.


  10. I love it! I really like how you mixed the different colors, patterns and textures. I just popped over from the Friday Linky!



  11. Hi Megan,
    very beautiful! I could work in this office no problem!!! I love your desk with the orange handles and what white paint can do is incredible, right? I love painting everything white! Always makes a big difference!


  12. Beautiful job! Mine is a work in progress but it’s so nice to have your own space to inspire and create. Found you on Something to talk about linky. I host a tips and tricks linky every Monday at 9pm eastern. If your interested everyone is pinned and commented on. I blog at the linky party will be up at 9pm tonite. Hope to see you there!


  13. I LOVE the transformation! Eclectic rooms are the best rooms. 🙂 Pinned, tweeted, and shared. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday, hope to see you again next week!


  14. thejohnsonplusdog says:

    The room looks great! Your story and journey is so inspiring too! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty – hope to see you again this weekend!


  15. I love eclectic rooms. My house is full of them. Your office looks so lovely.
    Thanks for sharing at Wake Up Wednesday,


  16. I’m so jealous…I wish I had a home office of my own! I love how you decorated and all the special little touches you added! Thanks so much for sharing at Share The Wealth Sunday!


  17. designingvibes says:

    What a fun and creative office! Thanks for sharing this wonderful makeover.
    Erica from


  18. I love the room. It’s so alive. I’m really liking the orange handles on the desk. It’s got my creative side thinking…


  19. I love it! I love the splash of color and the photos! Thanks for sharing with us at the Merry Monday link party. I hope you’ll join us again next week. Sharing your post on Twitter! By the way, the link to your Twitter on your page doesn’t work


  20. Love your office reveal! That desk, I know that desk! My 16 year old has it in her room, I know that awful goldish coloring that your referring too. Yuck! I painted hers years ago, but time has taken it’s toll and it needs another update. I love that you painted the handles! Thank you for linking up with us at the #WednesdayShowcaseParty


  21. lovethebachers says:

    What a sweet, sweet space! I absolutely LOVE the pictures as little children. That is such an adorable touch. I am going to store that one in my memory 😉


  22. Hi Megan, love the orange painted pulls…orange is one of those colors that makes most things happier and less serious. Great color for an office. And I’m with you on the whole spray paint the frames thing…spray paint is the great equalizer as far as I’m concerned.
    Have a great day, Lynn


  23. That rug is a major Target score Megan! Love it! Thanks for sharing your office with us at The DIY Collective Link Party, hope you come back again next week! xo!



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