How to buy Joy for under $5.00

Wanting a cute little update for your home, that is nearly free?  Um, always, right?!

While running errands at my local Target this week I came across this adorable pillow:

NSL pillow 1

Imagine my shock when I saw the price tag.

 NSL price tag

$3 dollars! For a pillow?  You heard it here folks.  Granted the quality isn’t stellar, BUT it’s pretty darn adorable and I am a sucker for all things typography.

 Plus, even though it’s technically a “Christmas” pillow, who says we can’t have a little “JOY” year round?

 So quick, run to Target and no, don’t go to the home department, rather make a quick pit stop at the “Dollar Spot.”  Which by the way is it still called the dollar spot if they sell things for $2.50 and $3? I digress.

 So here’s your weekend game plan: Go to Target, purchase Joy, bring it home, and let it inspire you to live a joy-filled life 365 days a year.

NSLpillow 2

Happy Targeting!


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  1. I’m so glad you shared your find. I went over a few days later and and picked up four! I have two snowflakes, a reindeer, and one that say Ho Ho Ho! They are adorable. And the color works great for my living room & bedrrom! Can’t wait to put them out. : )



  1. […] if you remember this “JOY” pillow, congratulations, you’ve been reading this blog For-e-ver! Yay […]


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