Give your dated TV Stand a Modern Makeover

How to Redo an old Entertainment Center

Guys, I did something crazy. Something out of character for me. It was against my better judgment and needed some serious persuasion from my Mr…are you ready for it? I DIDN’T use spray paint on something.

WHAT. Is your mind blown? You all know I’m the self-proclaimed queen of spray paint.


(PS lately I’ve been on a Gold Spray paint kick so stay tuned for that! 😉 I’ve spray painted shoes, frames, pumpkins, hardware, tables, my bed and much much more. However, even I’ll admit that there are some jobs that call for the “real stuff.” Such is the case with our project today. Behold, our hand me down TV Stand.


How to give your TV Stand a Modern Makeover

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s the backstory. In every couple you have one that is more impulsive that the other. That is not me. That’s this guy:


How to show gratefulness for your spouse

He’s decisive and I will over analyze. He will jump and I will still be measuring out the rope. We’re a good balance.


Well one night I settled next to him on the couch as he furiously typed away on his computer and he looked at me…with that sheepish “I’m up to something” grin.


Me: “Whatcha doing?”

Him: “Listing the Pool table on Craigslist.”

Me: *Laughing*. “No seriously, what are you doing?”

Him: *Smile*

And so our story begins.



We had a really amazing pool table…that we never played pool on. Do you have one of those? It was black, gray and silver, and matched our “Retro Lounge” basement perfectly. BUT, we SERIOUSLY rarely used it.


Our TV kicked the bucket months earlier so we pulled a small older one of of storage until we saved up enough for the purchase of a new TV. Selling the Pool Table helped expedite that process. With the Pool Table gone we now had SO much room…a little too much room actually and a serious lack of furniture.


Enter my in-laws gifted TV stand. With this little entertainment Center we could mount the TV (because it wasn’t quite wide enough to use as a stand) and still house all the necessary ugliness that are cable boxes and such.


One problem: the oak and bronze stood in stark contrast to the vibe of the rest of our basement. BUT because we used all of our budget for the new TV (Thank You Costco) a new entertainment center, was not happening. SO we got to work.


How to Redo an Entertainment Center

 Easy TV Stand DIY

My hubby sanded down the Entertainment Center and removed the old hardware.  Then we primed and painted it with a semi-gloss black. For this size of a project, we only needed 1 quart. Woo to the Hoo for being in and out of Home Depot for under $20.


How to Update an old TV Stand

I fell in love with this vintage hardware on the clearance aisle at Home Depot. It had me at $5. I was smitten.


Vintage Cabinet Hardware

The Entertainment Center really transformed and we LOVED the way it turned out but, there was still one “little” problem.


It was too small of a piece for this wall. We needed more width to balance the space and make it appear that we had a very intentional plan from the beginning…. instead of just making it up as we went along.

We knew we wanted a “Home Theater” vibe so we came up with this solution:




Modern Entertainment Center DIY

After much hunting and many many camera phone pics (you know how I roll) I decided on these Grey Sunburst Panels from Target. They kept with that swanky, retro,  lounge-y (and all other appropriate adjective) vibe I was going for.   They’re mounted on the smallest curtain rods I could find that also happen to be 2 for $3 at Home Depot. Win.


To finish off the space, I rifled through our home and pulled this framed pic of Chris and I (circa 2007 i wanna say?) from Nicole Rollin Photography.


How to decorate a TV Stand

She’s a genius and one of my bestest friends.


Also, this is our Yeti Mic. He’s helped us tremendously with a couple of recording projects for Pursuit of Love. Check those out here! However, this is a temporary address for him until I can find something better for this space.  I’m told that he and dust are not friends an he must stay in a completely enclosed environment.  #Diva 😉


Yeti Mic



Do you have a space or a piece of furniture that you’re itching to give a face lift too? Go for it.  Life’s too short to live in a space that doesn’t celebrate who you are and what you love.  Besides, what’s the worst that can happen? As The Nester puts it, “Risk ruining something you already hate and see what happens.”


How freeing is that?!?


Until next time,



  1. Great re-do! You should meet my FIL who is nuts about spray paint. When he learned I had started a blog, he wanted me to write about the awesomeness of spray paint!!


  2. Now that is some fun and creative writing! You are so talented!! I love the project too!!


  3. Wanda @ From House To Home says:

    Great makeover…the new version looks so much better than the original! And I love those vintage knobs!


  4. Wow what a difference! I really like the knobs which add a bit of style and bring it bang up to date.


  5. What a fab makeover! The drapes really tie the whole area together! x #fridayfrivolity


  6. The hardware makes the piece. Nice job!


  7. I just love those handles! I have an old TV stand we cover with a cloth and use as a side table. I need to do something like this. Thanks for partying with us on the #FridayFrivolity party. I hope you will join us again next week.


  8. Absolutely love the hardware! The entire project turned out awesome! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing with Celebrate It!


  9. Looks good, and the knobs do set it off. Now to find the time to update my tv stand since you have given me the inspiration.


  10. Oh, I love it! It looks so pretty. I have to admit, I am the more impulsive one in our marriage. Poor guy gives me lots of room. Thank you for linking up to Tips and Tricks. Hope to see you again this week.


  11. Very, very cool. (Also very cool that your husband is reading Timothy Keller.) We’re in the middle of a living room/kitchen redo and I’m pinning this for inspiration. Thanks!


  12. athomesweett says:

    it turned out great! I love redoing at piece of furniture to give it new life! Good call on the curtains too.
    Thanks so much for partying with us at Welcome Home Wednesdays Linky Party!


  13. Hoo to the Woo! LOVE it and your fabulous tv stand makeover! Pinning.

    Thanks so much for sharing your creativity at the The DIY Collective this week! Hope to see you again next Thursday. The party begins at 6:00am EST.

    Hope you had an awesome weekend!
    ~ Ashley


  14. michellejames42 says:

    I love this update! So beautiful! Thanks for linking up with #HomeMattersParty


  15. I love what you did here and that hardware is totally cool! I never would have thought of your curtain trick – such a great idea!


  16. Beautiful makeover! Thanks for stopping by and linking up at #MerryMonday


  17. It seems a new piece of furniture, and the knobs are gorgeous!! The mic is wonderful, by the way…
    Thanks for sharing with us at #2usestuesday!



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