3 Podcasts that will Rock your Relationship

The 3 BEST Marriage Podcasts


Educating yourself is so much easier than it used to be. In today’s world we have books, ebooks, audiobooks, sermons, webinars, blogs, Periscope, online courses, conferences, retreats, seminars, and the focus of today’s post…PODCASTS! I love a good podcast. I love that FOR FREE anyone with a phone or computer can tap into a vast array of experiences and wisdom. You can literally turn your car into a mobile University.  The advancements in technology have certainly equaled the playing field a bit when it comes to educating ourselves.  We all have the ability to learn from experts on anything from business to psychology to finance or fashion with the simple click of a button.


Technology is a pretty amazing tool. But, I realize even as I’m writing the above list, that there are a LOT of voices out there.  Just about anyone with a computer or a microphone can gain an audience. SO, in order to help you navigate the massive podcasting world, I’ve put together 3, yep just 3 podcasts, that if listened to and applied could seriously revolutionize your relationships.


These 3 podcasts are in my regular rotation of 10, 15,…quite a few others ;)I love the practical wisdom they share as well as the authentic personalities and stories from behind the microphone…which is key.

So without further adieu guys, here are 3 Podcasts that will Rock your Relationship:


  1. Focus on the Family


Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast


Alright, I’m going save you a step and call myself out on this one right away, no, this is not exclusively a marriage podcast. 😀 Focus on the Family has been around for decades providing support to all aspects of our relational lives. I’ve seriously been following their radio show/podcast since I was a little girl and would eaves drop on my parents listening to it.


That being said, they have a TON of episodes that are marriage and relationship focused. And what I LOVE about this podcast is that 95% of the time, they are interviewing guests, making every episode is different and engaging.


Guests on the podcast range from  personal stories of couples to relationship experts, authors, speakers, psychologists and pastors. The variety and scope is pretty wide. But, if you’re only interested in marriage podcasts, it’s easy to navigate through their list. This one is a must have in my humble opinion.



  1. Marriage Today


Jimmy & Karen Evans Podcast


Are you familiar with Jimmy Evans? If not, you’re welcome. Jimmy and Karen Evans have some incredible marriage material. What you’ll quickly be drawn too is, like many who are passionate about their work, they are passionate about marriage and helping others in marriage, because they had some serious struggles early on in their own relationship. Their honesty and candor make them so easy to receive from.


Chris and I went to a simulcast of a “Marriage Today” conference and the principles they shared we’re simple but game changing.   And just like Focus on the Family, this is a 30 min podcast. So why not throw it on as you’re making dinner or driving around. What you learn today, could drastically impact your entire week.


  1. ONE Extraordinary Marriage


Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo Podcast

If you’re craving some #RealTalk about marriage, Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo are your new BFF’s. This podcast is an unashamedly honest and candid. This couple has walked through hard times, but walked through them together. They know what works and what doesn’t and they aren’t afraid to shoot straight with you. They focus a lot on the “hot topics” surrounding marriage including everything regarding communication and intimacy.


My inner dialogue while listening to their podcast goes a little something like this:

“That’s so practical…oh, I love that…I’ve got to remember that…did they just say that?!?…I can’t believe they just said that…and that they’re not embarrassed…that’s so refreshing…gosh they’re brave…”


Fair warning: if you have little ears around when you’re listening to this one, you might want to put in your earbuds. 😉 That being said, if you’re relationship has gotten a little dry, their insight might just be the cup of cool water that it needs.



There you go everybody, those are my Top 3 Podcasts to Rock your Relationship. But I’m always looking to add to my ever growing list. What are some of your favorite podcasts on relationships and marriage?

What tools do you have in your arsenal to continue to educate yourself and grow in your relationships?



Until next time,



  1. Jeanne Grunert says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing this. Very interesting and different ideas. Visiting from the #HomeMattersParty


  2. These are great podcast suggestions! Thank you for sharing and linking up with us over at the Welcome Home Wednesday’s Link Party!


  3. I’ve been thinking about getting into podcasts for ages, but didn’t really know where to start — so these recommendations are fab! Thanks so much for sharing at #FridayFrivolity! 🙂


  4. These look great. I just listened to one last week that was great, not about marriage, but about living intentionally. It was called “A Year of Saying Yes,” by Shonda Rimes.


  5. I love focus on the family! Thanks for joining the tips and tricks link up party!


  6. May I humble suggests our podcast: “Rock Your Relationships”? Sorry to advertise. It’s on-topic I promise! We address all kinds of relational health needs from a Christian (in our case, Catholic) perspective. We focus on marriage and dating! Blessings!


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