5 Apps Guaranteed to Save you Money around the Holidays

 Best Apps to save money at Christmas


I’m going to say something that might surprise you, something that some of my closest friends were even shocked to find out. Ready for this?   I’m…. not a Black Friday Shopper. I know. Here’s the deal you guys, I love people and I also happen to (most of the time) love the ‘art’ of shopping. And Black Friday, it really doesn’t allow me to do either.


People irritate me on Black Friday. The worst of humanity rises to the surface.


We’re still digesting our Turkey and Thankfulness while secretly wanting to sucker punch the lady in front of us at Target who just grabbed the last NutriBullet. It’s not our finest moment as a culture and not really my favorite way to ring in the Christmas Season.

“Here you go mom, I just bought you a Kuering and I only had to step on 3 small children to do it. Merry Christmas.”


Shopping should be fun. Getting a chance to bless our people with a gift should bring us joy, not loathing or anxiety or just feel like something we have to “knock out” so we can finally ‘enjoy’ the season.


But just because I prefer sleeping at 3am on Black Friday doesn’t mean I don’t love a good deal! You know me too well for that right? I’m the girl who makes FREE side tables and tries to use coupons for everything. 😉

In an effort to save us all around the Holidays, I’m bringing you 5 Apps that will save you money on just about EVERYTHING. So, grab your smart phone and get ready to download.


First up, RetailMeNot.


 Save Money at Christmas with the RetailmeNot App



This is one of those apps you literally can’t afford NOT to have. RetailMeNot is pre-loaded with current in-store AND online coupons. Every place from Pier One to Express to Home Depot is on RetailMeNot and it couldn’t be easier! Just search your store of choice, select “in-store offers” (or “online offers” if you prefer shopping in your PJ’s or on your lunch break) and see what’s available.



Christmas savings with RetailmeNot


Once you select your offer, just show your phone to the cashier and revel in how savvy you are.


Next up, Cartwheel. Do you shop at Target? Oh wait, I’m sorry, is that the DUMBEST QUESTION EVER? Maybe it’s better to ask HOW OFTEN do you shop at Target 😉



Holiday Savings with the Cartwheel App

Well, if you don’t yet have the Cartwheel app, don’t do another Target run without it.

Whether you need face lotion, cheese or an area rug, there is probably a coupon on Cartwheel. It’s the perfect solution for saving on stocking stuffers or even the latest toy for the “littles” in your life.



Save money at Christmas with the Target Cartwheel App


P.S the app has 50% off deals on a different toy each day now through Christmas Eve. You’re welcome 😉


You just click on the categories, select your coupon and it gets automatically loaded to your phone. It even has a scanner to scan the barcodes of everything already in your cart.



Target Cartwheel App


At checkout, let the cashier scan the bar code on your phone and YOU just saved money on stuff you needed (and of course some you didn’t because it’s Target) without having to cut any coupons. #Win


No. 3 on the list is everyone’s favorite money saving site in app form: Groupon.


Christmas savings with Groupon


That’s right, now you can buy 14 pairs of fleece-lined leggings, unlimited oil changes, and organic mascara made from the exotic poop of

baby Ecuadorian monkeys, all from your mobile. Bliss.


Seriously though, think about all the fun you could have giving Groupon gifts this year! I mean, who wouldn’t love a mani-pedi or a season pass to a museum? And HOW FUN would it be to get a group of friends together and gift each other a month of CrossFit classes? It’s the gift that keeps on giving and you’re the genius behind it all. Way to go you.


If you follow NoSmallLIfe then app no.4 is of no surprise to you. The ShopStyle App.



How the Shopsyle App can save you time and money


This app will save you not only money but LOTS o’ time. Here’s how:

Let’s say someone on your list is requesting an orange purse in their life. Instead of spending hours schlepping around the mall or “Googling,” say hello to Shopstyle. Simply click through-Women-bags


what is the shopstyle app


-hmmmmm-feeling a Satchel maybe?-orange-pick your price and…


How to use Shoptstyle app


How to use the shopstyle app


BAM you now have a narrowed selection to choose from. It’s the perfect place to find a Plaid Blanket Scarf in case you’re still drooling over the one from this post. And bonus: If you “favorite” something, it’ll send you alerts when it goes on sale. IE, these Fergie boots just popped up on my phone this morning. (#IWearASize8) 😀



Shopstyle Boot Sale

A tall neutral boot for around 50 bucks? Can’t beat it.


Ok, you ready for one last one? It might surprise you. The Kroger app.


How to use the Kroger app

If you live in a part of the country that doesn’t have a Kroger grocery store, feel free to be jealous and skip to the bottom of the post 😉 BUT for those of you in my neck of the woods, this one will save you oodles of money on of all your holiday cooking and entertaining.


Once you download the app, enter your Kroger savings card information and then just click “categories” to begin loading your phone with all the coupons. You are about to save so much money on your grocery bill! AND, every bit of savings gets you “fuel points” at Kroger & Shell gas stations.


So now you’re saving money when you get groceries AND when you spend 4 hours in the car on Christmas Eve hightailing it to Great Aunt Sue’s house. Just scan your card at the register and also, if you’re getting gift cards, get them here! You get crazy fuel points.


There you have it! 5 apps to save you money and a little sanity around the holidays. Your No Small Life should be free to celebrate the season in more ways than just standing in line for 7 hours.



Coupon Apps

If you have some favorite coupon/money saving apps, I’d love to hear them!


Until next time,




  1. Hi Meg- I love the Cartwheel app you told me about! Didn’t know about Kroger! Thanks for the tip! Who says moms can’t learn from their ‘daughters’ — Love you!!!!


  2. I just love your posts, Megan. You’re so funny and insightful. Thanks for sharing these apps. I use RetailMeNot all the time and Groupon, but I didn’t know about the others. 🙂 –Jennifer


  3. I LOVE RetailMeNot! I use it every single time I shop at Ulta!


  4. Lisa Bollinger says:

    Thanks for sharing!!!
    I’m embarrassed to say I do most of my grocery shopping at Kroger and I don’t have that app!😳

    I’m excited to try the shopstyle one too!!



  5. Great app suggestions! My mom is obsessed with RetailMeNot and every time I shop with her she says “Did you check the app?!” 🙂 Thanks for sharing this at the Welcome Home Wednesday Link party! We hope to see you again this Wednesday!


  6. Thanks for sharing at the party. Pinned & shared. This will be very useful over the holiday season.


  7. Ahahaha this post was hilarious and awesome. I think I’ll pass on the exotic mascara, though, thanks… ;P Love your advice, thank you for sharing recently at Friday Frivolity!!


  8. These are great. I’ve been using RetailMeNot for a long time but the others are new to me. Thanks for sharing on Tips & Tricks. These are truly great tips!


  9. Thank you for joining us this week at The Wednesday Showcase Party! I have heard of a couple of these, but I only use Cartwheel. It has saved us so much money! When I’m making my grocery list every week, I sit with it up in my browser and search as I go. Nine times out of ten what we are shopping for is on cartwheel!


  10. Thank you for the suggestions, I hadn’t heard of a couple of these. Definitely getting Retail Me Not and I’ll keep that handy as I get my shopping finished this weekend.
    Thanks girl 🙂 xo


  11. I love the cartwheel app! I love Target! My favorite shopping place. 🙂 Thank you for sharing and linking up with us over at the Welcome Home Wednesdays Link Party!



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