5 Apps Guaranteed to Save you Money around the Holidays

Best Apps to save money at Christmas

    I’m going to say something that might surprise you, something that some of my closest friends were even shocked to find out. Ready for this?   I’m…. not a Black Friday Shopper. I know. Here’s the deal you guys, I love people and I also happen to (most of the time) love the ‘art’ […]

My favorite Shopping & Coupon Apps to make your life Simpler!

 I have a confession to make and I’m thinking I’m not alone on this one. I suffer from “Acute Time Delusion Syndrome.” What is “Acute Time Delusion Syndrome” you ask?   It’s the perpetual belief that I can accomplish more than any human being should be asked to accomplish in a set amount of time. And […]

Living Room Update: Personalized Canvas Art

Hey all! Thank you so much to the incredible response to my last post. I love Love LOVE hearing all of your ideas for high fun/low cost ways to enjoy somebody’s company 🙂 Today, we’re venturing indoors and taking a gander at the next leg of my now infamous living room redo. When we last […]