6 Simple Steps to Make Your Fitness Goals a Reality

How to Stick to your Exercise Resolutions


It’s that time of year again, gyms are PACKED and everyone and their Grandpa are making fitness goals. And you know what, that’s amazing because no matter your current level of physical health, all of us can do something to go to take it up a notch.


Maybe for you, “up a notch,” looks like simply starting to exercise, maybe for you that looks like saying yes to that ½ marathon or a Tuesday night Spin class.

Regardless of where you’re at, we can all make strides to challenge ourselves.



Now, most likely, you’ve probably made fitness goals in the past. You got super excited, you laced up those Nike’s and you even bought…a thigh master.

Thigh Master

Remember those???

(SIDE NOTE: At my house, in the 80’s, we QVC-ed ourselves the knock-off version, the “thigh toner” if you will. It was pink and awesome.)



And perhaps like the majority of “resolutions,” your fitness goals may have fallen by the wayside mid-Feb.



Here’s the thing though, it’s a new year. You can have new strength, new focus, and new determination IF you’ll let go of your let downs from the past. Today, you’re bringing with you all the wisdom you gleaned last year and you can venture into 2016 poised for a win.



If you’re a Jesus follower, then you know that you can do all things through Him because He is your strength and that the same power that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you….so now, super cool friend, do tell, why you think you can’t take your No Small Life to the next level?



You were created to move it move it and move it in 2016 you shall. This year, let’s shift our mindset about our fitness goals. I mean getting leaner and going down a pant size is fun and all, but what if your motivation was deeper?



What if gaining strength, blasting stress and having the ability to do things you never thought you could do was your goal?

I don’t know about you but, as far as it depends on me, I never want my physical capability or lack there-of to keep me from amazing opportunities. We never know what our futures hold and if God calls future you to go raise $17,000 for missions by hiking to the top of Mt Kilimanjaro, (like this 84 year old women…seriously) then, don’t you kind of want to do that!?!



Let’s be good stewards of the body we’ve been given so we can live out this one precious life to the fullest of its potential.



All right, now that we’re all motivated to go mountain climbing in Tanzania, how about a few practical steps? Here are 6 Simple Steps to keep plugging along and turn your fitness goals into a realtiy…



  1. Schedule it

When to Schedule your workouts

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never “found” time. Lol If something is a priority then you must make time. So grab your iPhone, Google calendar or good ole’ fashioned paper planner and pencil in your workouts for the week. When you write something down you have a 42% greater chance of actually accomplishing it. So write it down to make it happen.


Everyone’s ideal workout time is different. I am a morning exerciser. Waking up early and doing it first thing is the only way for me to stay consistent. If I wait until after work, then 9 times out of 10, life happens, other things take precedence and I will talk myself out of it.


Chris on the other hand, loves to hit the gym after work. He’s not a morning person and likes to workout with friends at the end of the day.

The only “perfect” time to workout is the one that you can make consistently happen. So you do you here. Be realistic and schedule it.




  1. Use what you have

Maybe you have a gym membership, way to go you! Enjoy it and use it up. BUT, Maybe that’s not a realistic option for you right now, guess what, no biggie. There are a myriad of fitness resources at your disposal these days and many of them are…wait for it…FREE! YouTube has a TON of fitness videos from just about every genre of exercise that you could imagine.


In addition, one of your greatest fitness tools is probably just within arms reach from you at this moment…your smartphone. About a year ago I told you about my 3 Favorite FREE Workout Apps and I still use them all the time you guys, they’re awesome. Check them out here. Also, if any of you have found some good new ones, I’d love to hear!



3 FAvorite Workout Apps

  1. Prep

The goal of this step is to remove as many of the potential excuses as possible. If you decide to work out in the a.m set your coffee maker, lay out your work out clothes, get your breakfast or pre/post workout snack (here are a few good ideas) ready the night before. Also, prep other steps in your morning routine to help free up time for your workout. Do you spend 5 min staring at your closet trying to get a little wardrobe inspiration? Put your entire outfit together the night before. (And use this quick tip to make it even simpler) Are you a morning lunch packer or email reader? Try those tasks at different times.  Just think through your current routine and decide where you can redeem a few extra minutes for your workout.


Maybe you want to work out after work or in the evening? Pack a gym bag, lay your clothes out, fill your water bottle. Whatever you can do to make it easier to say “yes” to your workout, go all Shia and just, “DO IT!”




Shia Blog Post

The little things really do make a big difference guys. About 6 months ago I started setting my workout clothes on the bathroom counter before I go to sleep. It’s the first thing I see in the morning and if I can “suit up” before I’ve done anything else, I’m halfway there.



  1. Workout DVDS

Best Home Exercises, effective, fat loss,

Top 10 Favorite Workout DVDs

No gym=No problem. You already know my undying love for Free Workout Apps as stated above. But I’m also a child of the 90’s and love me some workout DVD’s. I have quite a few in my library that I like to rotate through to keep my body challenged and captilize on “muscle confusion.” It’s a thing, google it. Anyways…here are my Top 10 Favorites Workout DVDs, and there is something for everybody!



  1. Drink Water


Why drink more water

Keep yourself Hydrated and your brain alert so you’re in the right frame of mind to tackle your workout. I won’t elaborate too much on the topic since there are so many awesome posts to motivate you to drink water already out there. Looking for a good one to help you boost your H2O intake, check out this one!


Also, if you find a reusable water bottle you love, you’ll be much more prone to tote it around with you everywhere thus drinking more water. I know, I should’ve been a rocket scientist.



  1. Recover

This is one step that unfortunately, I’ve learned the hard way time and time again. I like to work out hard and when you do that, you also need to take care of your self in order to prevent injury. After bouts with pulled oblique’s, Plantar fasciitis, Bursitis and lots of other sore phenomenon’s, I’m finally getting much better at listening to my body if it’s trying to tell me something.

Along the way, I’ve also discovered a few things that help me heal up fast if I feel something coming on. From supplements, to herbs, to equipment, click here for a list of all of my go-to’s.


how to heal from knee pain quickly


Above all guys, remember, you are your own worst enemy and at the end of the day the one thing that stands in the way of you succeeding in the area of your health and fitness, is that thing that lives in your head and is located between your ears.



You won’t achieve your fitness goals overnight or even in 2 weeks, but if you’re consistent and you can shut down that negative voice in your head, well then there’s really no limit to what your No Small Life can accomplish.


It doesn’t matter if this is the 1st time or the 27th time you’ve made a January health goal, it’s a new year and my friend, you can do this!


Chalkboard Scripture Art


Such a powerful promise and HOW awesome is this proof? From more from designer Cindi Koceich and her awesome Etsy shop, click here.



What are some of your Fitness Goals for 2016?

Until Next Time,



  1. Thanks for the tip. I really learned a lot. Keep posting. I will definitely read it.


  2. I always put my workout in my planner.


  3. I remember the thigh master…and Three’s Company. These are great tips – I’m not naturally an am exerciser, but have figured out if I don’t do it in the am, it usually doesn’t happen. I too love workout dvd’s – but I also like plain old walking to keep me active on days I don’t do strength training or go for a run! Your neighbor at Wine’d Down Wed.


  4. Great tips. I need to schedule it in and start time blocking I think.


  5. Jenna @ A Savory Feast says:

    I love this! My fitness goals for the new year are all about feeling good and being able to do more than I could before. I’m going to use some of your tips to help me!


  6. thanks for these! Definitely need to be more organized and start scheduling workouts. that”s next on the list once I have my diet down ♥


  7. Lots of great tips. Thanks for sharing all this info with us. I believe scheduling it is a very important one. It makes our workout a priority. Anything worth prioritizing usually gets done.


  8. Great post. Thank you for sharing how faith can help us with our goals.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I love your tips! I’ve tried doing morning workouts before and I’m slowly finding that I might be better off scheduling evening workouts. Still playing with the whole scheduling thing!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. sizzlesue15 says:

    I agree you need to schedule your workouts like any other appointment. We just need to make the time. I also like your tip about recovery which is so important especially for me at 58! Fitness Friday Link up


  11. I love how you wove the faith aspects into this post! And as someone who seriously investigated climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro a few years ago, I’m wondering how much that lady actually raised total, because that is one EXPENSIVE trip to do! I wonder if she paid for the climb on her own, or used money raised to cover it? Anyway, my favorite tip that you shared was to set your workout clothes out the night before and get dressed into them right off the bat. I know if I’m wearing them, even if it’s hours later, my thought is, “well, I might as well go do it, since I don’t want to waste the effort putting the silly things on!”


  12. Great plan for workout success – I find that if I plan my whole weeks worth of workouts on Sunday – which is usually my “rest” day – I am more likely to stick with them – also getting the equipment out the night before is a must since I workout at home.


  13. These are all super great tips! Thanks so much for linking up to Fitness Fridays on Drops of Learning. I hope to see you back this Friday. Your posts are so motivating!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. My fitness goals are the same all the time, to keep moving and help myself be healthier. I seriously hate to exercise though, so sometimes it’s a difficult thing for me. I went on vacation at Thanksgiving and I have yet to start exercising again. I’m going to do it though. I need it in a bad way. Thank you for linking up to Tips and Tricks. I hope to see you this coming week.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Great! Pinned and tweeted. Thanks for coming to our party and sharing such an amazing ideas! I hope to see you next Monday @7 because we love to party with you! Happy Thursday! Lou Lou Girls

    Liked by 1 person

  16. hannah@seeingthelovely says:

    Thanks for the tips! It’s great to have extra encouragement as we’re a month into the new year! Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty!


  17. This is a great way to start any work-out plan. I need to start working out and this is a great way to start! Thank you for linking up with us over at the Welcome Home Wednesdays Link Party!



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