The World’s Fastest & Easiest No-Sew $5 Curtains!

Easy No-Sew Window Treatments

I once heard it said that:   “Hope is a match that ignites your life.”   Well friends, if you think yourself “hopeless” when it comes to DIY, consider yourself about to be ignited. 😀   I literally have a DIY so simple, I almost didn’t share it!  HOWEVER, I’m convinced that if you can […]

A Peek at our Laundry Room & The World’s Easiest No-Sew Window Treatment

5 Min & $5 will get you a new No-Sew Curtain!

Just over a year ago we finally painted our Laundry Room. It was the last room in the house that remained completely untouched by our creative impulses. Our motivation came from the fact that we were upgrading our icky linoleum and as you probably know, when you don’t have to worry about getting paint on […]