“Help! I’m thinking of going Gluten Free”

Me: Hi, I have some food allergies.  Waitress: sigh* …Ok  Me: (mustering my best 😀 ) I’m gluten, corn and dairy free.  Waitress: (deer in headlights)…what do you even eat?  Me: (nervous laughter)…Ok 🙂 I’m looking to get (menu item) can you have them do it without butter, flour, and no pre-made seasoning mixes or […]

New Year, New Goals, New Recipe

So here you are, looking the last day of 2013 square in the face.  Whether your 2013 was stellar, riddled with hardships, or a beautiful mess of both, the good news is is that 2014 starts tomorrow. I really love the idea of new beginnings and many of you right now are right there with […]