3 Things I learned from Speaking at the Born 2 Win Conference

Confessions of Professional Speaker

You know that feeling you have when you do a thing? A pretty big thing- a thing that has been in your mind and on your heart for about a year? A thing that you’ve been praying over, prepping for, nervous for, waking up at weird times and writing to-do lists for….and then you actually […]

Liebster Award! AND 20ish Facts you might NOT know about Meg and the Blog

How to write a liebster award blog post

Hi all! Exciting News! I was nominated for a Liebster Award. And…unless you are a blogger, you have NO CLUE what that is lol Don’t worry, I didn’t either! A Liebster award is a way to highlight lesser known bloggers and help them develop their readership. The only way to “receive” such an honor is […]

New Year Confessions

Why a New Year can lead to depression and how to overcome it

Hi guys! Hope you had a Merry & Happy everything! Welcome to 2015 Ok, Confession Time: Traditionally, this isn’t my favorite time of year. I don’t know about you, but the anticipation of the New Year can bring a lot of anxiety to me. As a slowly recovering perfectionist ;), sometimes goals, the idea of […]


Originally posted on No Small Life:
Everyone has hopes, dreams, and visions for an amazing future.  How many times have you had an idea for an invention, or book, or movie, or TV show?  How many times have you sat around thinking about what you could do in the future?  A vision is a picture…

How No Small Life Does Birthdays…and also Lots of Pictures

How to Celebrate your 34th Birthday

34 years old. To some, I’m “still a kid” and to others I’m ancient. Today, wherever you land on that broad spectrum, I hope you’ll leave this post encouraged.               Last weekend was my birthday so if you “forgot” to get me a gift…there’s still time 😉 That morning I woke up to a […]

Memorial Day & our Anniversary…today we remember

Happy Anniversary, Happy Memorial Day

Today being Memorial Day, we remember.  We remember all of the men and women who selflessly laid down their lives so that we could live our lives in freedom.  Truly, they are an incredible example of No Small Life.   We are forever grateful for their sacrifice.     Today I’m also reflective of a rainy […]


Live a Life worth Celebrating

Hey everybody, Welcome! I’m Megan the “She” 1/2 of No Small Life.  And I couldn’t be more excited that you’re here!  No Small Life and our He Said/She Said blogs have been in the works for  quite–a-while. The whole idea was birthed after an extremely difficult season of life that my hubby & I walked […]