Who Are Your People?

Who are your People? How to have the BEST relationships this life has to offer

Guys!! Do I have a little somethin’ up my sleeve for you!  My awesome hubby is giving a little “dude perspecitve” to No Small Life today!  Chris has his own blog, BUT its getting a tune up at the moment and I thought he should flex his writing muscles over here today.  Here you go, […]


Originally posted on No Small Life:
Everyone has hopes, dreams, and visions for an amazing future.  How many times have you had an idea for an invention, or book, or movie, or TV show?  How many times have you sat around thinking about what you could do in the future?  A vision is a picture…

How we celebrated this week: #nosmalllife

Our passion surrounding No Small Life is to continually encourage you to push against the mundane, never settling for mediocre and live a life worth celebrating! With that in mind, we’re launching a new feature: “How we celebrated life.”  If Chris & I are encouraging YOU to celebrate life, then we best be living out […]