6 Facts & 7 Recipes that will make you a Breakfast Lover

New Reasons to Eat Breakfast

    For the good of humanity, I eat breakfast, and I think you should too.   Cranky pants over here without the breakfast. Cranky. Pants.  Yet SO MANY PEOPLE I talk to just don’t “do” breakfast.  I get it, I do. Mornings are busy.  But trust me when I say, I would be a […]

How we Celebrated Life this week:

How we celebrated Life this week, date night ideas, fall, christmas

Hey there!  Welcome to another exciting installment of “How we celebrated Life!” Periodically, I like to pull back the curtain and give you a peak into our week. And from the looks of the feedback, ya’ll like it to 😉 (Ya’ll? …can a Michigander say “ya’ll?”) This week in the midst of daily work life, […]