10 Little Ways to make the most of Leap Day

Simple Ways to Celebrate Leap Day

  Every 4 years we’re gifted with an extra 24 hours. Which means the average person will get approximately 20 extra days in their lifetime. Extra. Days. Now granted, most of us will still have to work or go to school (Except for Leap Day 2020 when its on a SATURDAY, so harness your enthusiasm […]

Glasses, Top Knots & what God taught me over my Americano

Lessons on Millennials & Community from a Coffee Shop

                11:03. She sat there poised and ready; gift bag on the table, latte in her hand.  It was obvious by her anxious phone checking that this precious little brunette, whom we’ll affectionately call “Top Knot,” was anticipating someone’s arrival.                Now […]

The Power of Encouragement

How to write an Encouraging Note

This week I received a hand-written note.  What’s that you ask?  No, not an email, text or even the ever-exclusive facebook message.  An actual piece of stationary filled with beautiful penmanship.   My note came to me in the middle of a crazy week; and sometimes a week filled with lots of different things to […]