3 Ways to Wear Camo & Still be Girly

3 Ways to Wear Camo & still be Girly

If there’s one trend I never thought I’d dabble in, it was Camo.   Camo was for boys, and GI Joe Dolls Action Figures and Spice Girls.   Buuuttt, I changed my tune a year ago and I’m glad I did because I could wear my Camo Jacket Evry. Day. If you let me. It […]

Transitioning your Summer Clothes into all 4 Seasons

  As much as I’m not a winter girl, I’m thankful that I live in a state that experience’s all four seasons; because there are few things in life that can take your breath away, like driving around a bend in the road and being met by a sea of colorful leaves. Fall is here […]