4 Snacks that’ll Kick your Afternoon Slump in the Tushy

Power Snacks to regulate your Blood Sugar

It’s 4 pm. Do you know where your blood sugar is?   Chances are, if you’re feeling: -wobbly -crabby -and slightly overwhelmed by life…      Your No Small Life is about to become “Hangry” (Hungry + Angry- Isn’t that so a thing?) and your blood sugar is in the tank! Here’s the quickest science […]

Top 3 Favorite FREE Workout Apps

3 FAvorite Workout Apps

GUESS WHAT? OUR NEW SITE IS WAYYY BETTER. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THIS POST AT NOSMALLLIFE.ME   Ahh the 80’s they brought us so many good things. Well, me for starters, 😉 but also Slap-bracelets, Gummi Bears, epic Synthesizer music, AND the fitness craze.  Thanks to Jane Fonda and her Leg Warmers, individuals too […]