A New take on Valentines Day

February 14th.  It rolls around every year right about this time and usually folks either “love” it (ha, that was so unintentional) or they hate it.  Few are indifferent and yet everyone’s opinion on it can vary year to year and sometimes even moment to moment, depending on the person.  I happen to be a […]

Simple, Elegant & EASY Christmas Decor

Simple, Elegant & EASY Christmas Decor

It’s the most Wonderful time of the year… or so the song tells us.  I do love me some Christmas, but there have been times in my life when Christmas has brought along with it a slew of painful realities. Just a few short days ago a very close friend lost a family member in […]

The Power of Encouragement

How to write an Encouraging Note

This week I received a hand-written note.  What’s that you ask?  No, not an email, text or even the ever-exclusive facebook message.  An actual piece of stationary filled with beautiful penmanship.   My note came to me in the middle of a crazy week; and sometimes a week filled with lots of different things to […]