Glasses, Top Knots & what God taught me over my Americano

Lessons on Millennials & Community from a Coffee Shop

                11:03. She sat there poised and ready; gift bag on the table, latte in her hand.  It was obvious by her anxious phone checking that this precious little brunette, whom we’ll affectionately call “Top Knot,” was anticipating someone’s arrival.                Now […]

How we Celebrated Life this week:

How we celebrated Life this week, date night ideas, fall, christmas

Hey there!  Welcome to another exciting installment of “How we celebrated Life!” Periodically, I like to pull back the curtain and give you a peak into our week. And from the looks of the feedback, ya’ll like it to 😉 (Ya’ll? …can a Michigander say “ya’ll?”) This week in the midst of daily work life, […]