“Help! I’m thinking of going Gluten Free”

Me: Hi, I have some food allergies.  Waitress: sigh* …Ok  Me: (mustering my best 😀 ) I’m gluten, corn and dairy free.  Waitress: (deer in headlights)…what do you even eat?  Me: (nervous laughter)…Ok 🙂 I’m looking to get (menu item) can you have them do it without butter, flour, and no pre-made seasoning mixes or […]

How to Make an Omlette in the Microwave!

My Dad is one of the good ones. He’s a truly incredible, heroic man and one of my best friends. BUT my Dad has one fatal flaw…he can’t cook to save his life. Growing up if my Dad were in charge of my sister and I we knew that meant only one thing: Cheerios. Now, […]

Tropical Green Smoothie with a Shocking Secret Ingredient!

Cilantro Detox Smoothie

Cilantro and I are having a moment.   I’ve always been a fan of it in my food, but I recently had a revelation: “Why am I not drinking it?”               People are all over the map when it comes to this little green.  Rachael Ray says you either love it or hate it, […]

New Year, New Goals, New Recipe

So here you are, looking the last day of 2013 square in the face.  Whether your 2013 was stellar, riddled with hardships, or a beautiful mess of both, the good news is is that 2014 starts tomorrow. I really love the idea of new beginnings and many of you right now are right there with […]

The Great Pumpkin Smoothie

‘Tis the season to eat pumpkin fa la la la la la la la la…la!  But who am I kidding?  For me, pumpkin is a food that I eat year round. Thanksgiving, Christmas…Flag Day.  The truth is, I ❤ orange vegetables in just about any form.  So bring on the sweet potatoes, squash and pumpkin […]

How NOT to bake brownies for a family get together

  The weekend is here and for us, that usually means a little time with our families.  We love getting together with everyone and doing the family dinner thing; and our loved ones are so great about accommodating my corn, gluten and dairy allergies. Believe me, I can be a pain to cook for! Lol […]