Announcements & a little help in the Wardrobe department

Iiiiiiit’s April!!!! You know what that means. The FIRST EVER SHE SAID CONTEST is officially done and we have a winner…(drum roll please)…Jeana Johnson YOU are the official recipient of a $25 Target gift card! Thank you everyone for your ideas and suggestions! I’m still welcoming them as we’re still in search of the perfect: […]

Girly Multitasking: Make the Most of Your Workout

I feel better about life when my nails are painted.  It’s such a silly “first-world” thing that I’m almost ashamed to admit it…almost.  But I say that because I know I’m not alone in that fact.  I realize all of my male readers are currently rolling their eyes at me or clicking off my blog, […]

I may or may not have just spray painted my shoes…

How to Spray Paint your Shoes

  I MAY or may not have just spray painted my shoes….And by that I mean I totally DID!    We had a formal event coming up and the outfit I had planned in my head was so NOT working in real life.   “I have nothing to wear!” Yep, I’m ashamed to admit it, I […]

Ode to a Dressing Room

Ode to a Dressing Room: I had an epiphany today while in the dressing room of a massive chain department store.  An idea so simply brilliant that I could increase revenue for any store by 10 least. Ready for the idea… I should open a “Light Fixture Consulting Firm” that caters exclusively to stores […]