My Top 3 “Non-Negotiables” in Life-Guest Blogging it up

How to Prioritize

Hey Hey Friends!  So here’s some exciting news:   Today I am honored to be coming to you live from 🙂 Chris Cook is a sought after consultant, leadership coach, gifted musician, expert Paleo chef AND…truly one of the coolest guys around.  His expertise is rooted in experience and this guy truly knows what […]

How to Make the Most of a Rainy Day

How to Have the Best Rainy Day

  Much of our Country has been underwater lately. And the usual reading on the Weather Channel App has looked a little something like this.       Typically, I’m not one who minds the rain. I mean sleeping in the rain? The. Best. It’s the frozen version of the rain that I’m not so […]

How No Small Life Does Birthdays…and also Lots of Pictures

34 years old. To some, I’m “still a kid” and to others I’m ancient. Today, wherever you land on that broad spectrum, I hope you’ll leave this post encouraged. ?             Last weekend was my birthday so if you “forgot” to get me a gift…there’s still time 😉 That morning I woke up to a…

Have Your BEST SUMMER with our FREE Bucket List Printable

Enjoy every minute of Summer with our FREE Summer Bucket List Printable

  Summer-Summer-Summertime is almost officially here! June 21st begins a stretch of 94 glorious days of perpetual sunshine and memories waiting to be made.     I love summer, especially because our winters can drag on for-e-ver in the great white north. However, something terrible happens to summer when you become an adult. They no […]

3 Things I learned from Speaking at the Born 2 Win Conference

Confessions of Professional Speaker

You know that feeling you have when you do a thing? A pretty big thing- a thing that has been in your mind and on your heart for about a year? A thing that you’ve been praying over, prepping for, nervous for, waking up at weird times and writing to-do lists for….and then you actually […]

How We Celebrated Life This Week AND The Big Weekend Ahead!!!

How we Celebrated Life this week!

I cannot believe this week is here.  Like lit-er-ally CAN NOT.  May has always been my favorite month.  It’s my hub’s birthday, our Anniversary, Gunther’s birthday (he’s turning 14!…which, in puppy years is like well on his way to winning a lifetime achievement award) plus ’round these parts, it’s FINALLY SPRING!  Trees are blooming, it’s […]

Who Are Your People?

Who are your People? How to have the BEST relationships this life has to offer

Guys!! Do I have a little somethin’ up my sleeve for you!  My awesome hubby is giving a little “dude perspecitve” to No Small Life today!  Chris has his own blog, BUT its getting a tune up at the moment and I thought he should flex his writing muscles over here today.  Here you go, […]

I have an EXCITING Announcement…

Born 2 Win Conference

Brave. That word is everywhere these days and with good reason; it takes a healthy dose of “Brave” to become the people we are designed to be. Fear and the circumstances of life love to try and rob us of our brave and make us feel “Small.” That’s part of my heart behind No Small […]

2015: A Practical Strategy for going after your Goals

Dream Big Make it Happen 2015

Originally posted on No Small Life:
What are you willing to do to live a life worth celebrating this year?? Are you willing to work hard? Are you willing to be decisive? Are you willing to formulate a strategy for success? Someone once told me that the difference between a dream and a vision is…

A New take on Valentines Day

February 14th.  It rolls around every year right about this time and usually folks either “love” it (ha, that was so unintentional) or they hate it.  Few are indifferent and yet everyone’s opinion on it can vary year to year and sometimes even moment to moment, depending on the person.  I happen to be a…