2 days to Win and a Week in House Shopping

Thanks to everyone for the great responses so far to the “FIRST EVER SHE SAID CONTEST!”  There’s been comments, emails, Fb messages and even the occasional text from those closest to me.  There’s been really helpful ideas so far, but of course I haven’t settled on anything yet BECAUSE…there’s still 2 days left!   2 […]


 Without a doubt, since starting this blogging adventure, my most popular posts have been the DIY home updates.  From Horizontal Stripes, to Pottery Barn walls and iPhone photo sessions, the feedback you all have given me has been so encouraging. But lest you think my home is just one wonderfully executed HGTV program after another, […]

How to Redo your Entry Way for $6.00

How to Paint Horitzontal Stripes in your Entry Way!

If you follow me on Pinterest you know that I have a slight obsession with Horizon Stripes….not wearing them so much, BUT rather horizon stripes in home design.  There’s just something about them that looks so current and yet classic at the same time.  They can inject a little personality into your space and make […]

My copy-cat Pottery Barn wall

 Hey Hey everyone! As promised, this week we will be diving into how I completed another wall in my living room on the cheap.  Last time, I really laid the groundwork for WHY this project was so important for me and why I think its really going to be important for you too. 🙂  So, […]

New Year, New Goals, New Home: How to Create FREE Entry Way Art

FREE Entry Way Art-NoSmallLife

Ok…maybe not a new home but at least a little something to make your home feel new 🙂 Today, we’re continuing along in a series of posts about all of the goals you’ve set for the new year. If you are like the majority of the country, this week, you have been in your house […]

GREAT last minute Gift ideas!

Last Minute Gift Ideas They'll Love

 Something that is über trendy right now is typography.  It is everywhere and I love it.  I spotted these first few finds while wrapping up some Christmas shopping at Nordstrom.  And despite what you may initially think, they are super affordable as home decor goes, everything you see here is under $50!  And while some […]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Part Duex

I concur.   Scent is like a time machine, it can magically whisk you away to being 5 years old at your grandma’s house OR make you want to run for cover as it evokes memories from your 10th grade biology class….never really got into that whole “dissecting thing.”  Scent is powerful and happens to be […]

Simple, Elegant & EASY Christmas Decor

Simple, Elegant & EASY Christmas Decor

It’s the most Wonderful time of the year… or so the song tells us.  I do love me some Christmas, but there have been times in my life when Christmas has brought along with it a slew of painful realities. Just a few short days ago a very close friend lost a family member in […]

How to buy Joy for under $5.00

Wanting a cute little update for your home, that is nearly free?  Um, always, right?! While running errands at my local Target this week I came across this adorable pillow: Imagine my shock when I saw the price tag.   $3 dollars! For a pillow?  You heard it here folks.  Granted the quality isn’t stellar, […]

I may or may not have just spray painted my shoes…

How to Spray Paint your Shoes

  I MAY or may not have just spray painted my shoes….And by that I mean I totally DID!    We had a formal event coming up and the outfit I had planned in my head was so NOT working in real life.   “I have nothing to wear!” Yep, I’m ashamed to admit it, I […]