Modern Kitchen Makeover on a Budget

How to Redo your Kitchen on a Budget-NoSmallLife

Once upon a time…about 2 years ago, the hubs and I set out on one of our infamous “Model Home Dates.” See more of those here & here. It was February in Michigan and we were looking for something to do.   I learned a valuable lesson that day. Just “looking” at model homes is […]

Christmas Home Tour- C’mon In!

Christmas Home Tour

It’s no secret around here that we believe in celebrating life. We believe in celebrating no matter what season you may find yourself in. And this time of year especially, we are all about celebrating the Ultimate life. A life given for us in the form of love’s greatest gift. A baby. A baby that […]

Simple, Elegant & EASY Christmas Decor

It’s the most Wonderful time of the year… or so the song tells us.  I do love me some Christmas, but there have been times in my life when Christmas has brought along with it a slew of painful realities. Just a few short days ago a very close friend lost a family member in…

Go “All Fall” in 5 Minutes Flat:

Fall! Don’t you just love it? When you envision your perfect Fall, what do you think of? Apple picking? Changing leaves? Sweater Weather? Chai tea lattes? With every season, I have a bucket list of sorts. There are certain things that I think just make the season complete. For Fall, one item that always lands […]

We went to Homearama 2014 and got LOTS of pictures to prove it

Guys, guess what!?! We went to Homearama last weekend! And if you’re wondering what that is, basically, it was like Disneyland for Adults! 😀 Homearama is a model home tour that involves 6 extremely custom built model homes, 4 different builders and the best of the best in local design. And guess what? I took […]

What’s in Your Hand? How to Decorate your Home Using what you Already Have!

  Many times in our lives there seems to be a gaping disconnect between what we desire and what actually seems possible. That disconnect can ring true in a variety of different areas of our lives. From your most lofty of dreams to something embarrassingly simple and “first world.”   Maybe you have a goal […]

Dining Room Makeover: Glam, Modern & on a Budget

Since moving into our home 9 ½ years ago, our dining room has been a series of 4 different colors. First, there was the tragic yellow/80’s mirror combo the previous owners gifted us with. Then there was the awesome neutral, “Broadway Brown.” It looked great on the walls…but really clashed with our then Oak Cabinets. […]

A Peek at our Laundry Room & The World’s Easiest No-Sew Window Treatment

5 Min & $5 will get you a new No-Sew Curtain!

Just over a year ago we finally painted our Laundry Room. It was the last room in the house that remained completely untouched by our creative impulses. Our motivation came from the fact that we were upgrading our icky linoleum and as you probably know, when you don’t have to worry about getting paint on […]

Living Room Update: Personalized Canvas Art

Hey all! Thank you so much to the incredible response to my last post. I love Love LOVE hearing all of your ideas for high fun/low cost ways to enjoy somebody’s company 🙂 Today, we’re venturing indoors and taking a gander at the next leg of my now infamous living room redo. When we last […]

How to DIY a Side Table for FREE

How to make a DIY Side Table for FREE

It’s Spring! Is anyone else itching for a DIY project? Me too. Time and Money aren’t always your friend when such an itch arises.  However, THIS little project can accommodate any budget in any time frame. Scouts Honor. Once upon a time, my Hubby and I threw out our dated entertainment center, remember that? Here’s […]