How No Small Life Does Birthdays…and also Lots of Pictures

Guys! My birthday is just one week away! I know! So, being the thoughtful person I am, I wanted to give you plenty of time to figure out what to get me 😉 Here’s a sneak peak at How we celebrated last year. I think it’ll make you smile and give you a few ideas to celebrate your own precious life…

How to Celebrate your 34th Birthday

34 years old. To some, I’m “still a kid” and to others I’m ancient. Today, wherever you land on that broad spectrum, I hope you’ll leave this post encouraged.

            Last weekend was my birthday so if you “forgot” to get me a gift…there’s still time 😉 That morning I woke up to a coffee maker ready to rock ‘n roll, balloons, an amazing card and my favorite design magazine.


I’m so thankful for a hubby who knows me and loves me how I am wired to be loved! (Curious about how you’re wired to be loved?  Check out the link in this post!)

Then, as is my custom, 🙂 I started my day with “Jesus Calling.” It’s truly amazing how this little book can touch the deepest strings of my heart; reminding me of the truths of God’s word and His heart towards…

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  1. What a great way to start the day – Birthday or not. But seriously, Happy Birthday and may your day be blessed !!!! Visiting from Lou Lou Girls.

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