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Summer-Summer-Summertime is almost officially here! June 21st begins a stretch of 94 glorious days of perpetual sunshine and memories waiting to be made.



I love summer, especially because our winters can drag on for-e-ver in the great white north. However, something terrible happens to summer when you become an adult. They no longer give you 3 months of continuous vacation! You can’t sleep in everyday and eat cinnamon toast crunch while watching Saved by the Bell re-runs.


Apparently your employer and your elementary principal are not on the same page.


So, you know what that means? As grown-ups doing all the adult-y things, we have to be more intentional about making the celebration of summer happen.

I’m all for spontaneity, but sometimes, you’ve got to schedule fun, otherwise, it just doesn’t happen.

Sometimes you’ve got to make life happen intentionally so it doesn’t just slip past you accidentally. And because those sunny 94 days can seem to move faster than most, we want to help your No Small Life capture every precious minute.


Whether you prefer to spend your free summer moments soaking up the sun or on road trips filled with unexpected adventure and beautifully cheesy 90’s playlists, we’ve got something for you that will help make your summer dreams a reality this year.



I’ve said it before, but its so true writing down your goals increasing their percentage of actually materializing by 42%!. So why not write down all the things you’d love to do this summer and increase their probability by almost ½.


(Yep, I just said probability. No worries, that’s the most “math-lete” I will ever get on this blog.)


Here to help you make your Summer Dreams a reality, I would like to present to you the “NO SMALL LIFE SUMMER BUCKET LIST!”




Go ahead and give it a download. Just click here! OR to add a little sparkle to Sunshine, try THIS one on for size.


Oooo. Ahhh. You can thank her graphic highness the uber talented Kaleigh Quinn. aka my sister.


 Fill it with all the Summery things you would love to make happen this year.

And no, they don’t have to be epic to be awesome! Some of the best summer memories are the simplest. Need a few to get your brain in gear?


How about flying a kite?! That one is topping my list this year, because guess what? I’ve never done it…I know. I’m not sure how I survived childhood either.


Also topping my list this year…


Farmers Markets

After Dinner Bike Rides

Berry Picking at a local Orchard

Go to the driving range with that cute hubby of mine, never mind that I’m a terrible golfer


Wear lots of sun dresses



Grill as many times as humanly possible

Grilled Cod Spinach Salad with Grilled Veggies & Butternut Squash Fries

Make Popsicles


Run another 10k (my headband says “My Mascara Runs Faster than You”…so that’s motivation right there)

Take Gunther for LOTS of walks

Explore a new downtown area



Picnic and playing catch in the park with this guy

How will you make the most of your summer this year? What are some of the things you are really looking forward to?

Regardless if they’re big or small, embrace them and celebrate them because they’re adding beauty to your No Small Life.


Busyness and to-do lists will try to creep in, I promise, but let’s be intentional this year about carving out time to truly Celebrate Life and make the most of this Summer!

…And I hope this bucket list inspires you to do just that! 😉

Until next time,


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