2015: A Practical Strategy for going after your Goals

Dream Big Header.jpgI read a stat the other day that blew my mind, you ready for it? We increase the likely hood of reaching our goals by 42% if we simply write them down.
That’s it.
Just write them down! Even if we never look at that piece of paper again. Mind. Blown.
Currently, we are just about a month into this new year and right about now is when most people start abandoning the goals they set up for themselves January 1st.
But guess what, Don’t Do That! 🙂

Michael Hyatt says,”Since our goals represent the things that matter most to us, shouldn’t we fight for them?”

Yes, yes we should. So feel free to pull back and re-evaluate, but don’t jump ship all together. (She said preaching to the choir 😉 )
In an effort today to help us all get our focus back, I invited my incredibly motivating and ridiculously good looking husband over as a guest blogger. Yay. He’s here to give us a practical strategy for actually achieving those goals you set out for yourself. 🙂 Win. Take it away babe…

No Small Life


What are you willing to do to live a life worth celebrating this year??

Are you willing to work hard?

Are you willing to be decisive?

Are you willing to formulate a strategy for success?

Someone once told me that the difference between a dream and a vision is a plan.  Everyone is capable of day-dreaming.  Everyone is capable of dreaming big dreams.  The way a dream becomes reality however, is by having a strategic plan.  Owning your own business is a great dream, but unless it has tangible, measurable goals along the way, that dream will never become reality.  A detailed strategic plan allows us to achieve our goals.

 “Little details don’t make little differences they make all of the difference. “

I am going to give you a few simple ways you can start working toward your dream.

  1. Define your dream on paper

What is the dream? …

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  1. I’m making a list immediately. 42 % is a huge difference.


  2. I knew there was a reason to write goals down, but I need to find the paper I wrote them on, lol
    No seriously I love writing things down I want to accomplish, I love crossing them off, a sence of accomplishment.

    Thanks for stopping by Friday Feature, have a great weekend, Karren


  3. I 100% believe in writing down goals! I think it makes a huge huge difference!! Glad to connect through SITS share fest this week!


  4. I have lists and lists of things “to do”, but not a “goal”! I’m going to write down goals and check those goals in a year and see what happened! Thanks for the great post; visiting from Sincerely, Paula.


    • That’s awesome Carole 🙂 so glad this inspired you! I’m infamous for multiple to-do lists myself, but setting goals has really helped expand my vision. Thanks for stopping by!


  5. This can definitely make such a difference in our day to day lives. Thank you for posting this!


  6. I forgot I had written them down. But I did write them down! Must be time to review them.


  7. I completely agree! It’s shocking how I feel so much more accountable when I’m writing goals down.


  8. Writing things down is super important. But its also important to note the difference between goals and lists. Thank you for posting this.


  9. What a lovely post! Thanks so much for linking up with Week’s End. I know many women will love this!


  10. Goals have been on my mind too. I’ve started writing them on my blog and actually linked up a few before you on Lou Lou Girls. Writing is magic! http://heavenissmilingabove.blogspot.com/2015/02/make-it-and-break-it-february.html
    Good luck with your goals this year.


  11. This is the first year I’ve committed to writing and regular reviewing of goals. Powerful stuff.


  12. annelawton says:

    This is so true. . I finally wrote my goal down on paper early this year and it’s amazing how things are changing!


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