GREAT last minute Gift ideas!

last minute gift ideas they'll love

 Something that is über trendy right now is typography.  It is everywhere and I love it.  I spotted these first few finds while wrapping up some Christmas shopping at Nordstrom.  And despite what you may initially think, they are super affordable as home decor goes, everything you see here is under $50!  And while some people might baulk at the idea of giving “home” items as Christmas gifts, an awesome throw or picture for your wall is WAAAAYYYY different than say, a dustbuster.

And gentlemen, if you happen to be stumped in the way of girl gifts this Christmas season, these are perfect!  Plus, you don’t have to play the ever-losing-guess-her-size game.  No one wins that one! Trust me, I’m saving you a Merry Christmas Cold Shoulder. This is a sentimental gift she’ll enjoy all year round. Click here for everything you see below.

Image 1

Love this throw!  While its not…

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