Behind the Scenes: Prepping for the Pursuit of Love Conference

Cover Photo Behind the ScenesGrowing up I tended to put people on a pedestal, did you? I would look at people that I admired and just think, “Wow, they have got it all together, please don’t peak too closely at my life!” lol As a natural born perfectionist vulnerability, especially in ministry was something that was pretty hard for me. But over the years I’ve discovered that there is a “beauty in vulnerability” as one of my incredible girlfriends says. Being real makes us approachable and gives others permission to be genuine as well. Nobody needs fake. If we’re all in this life together, we would do each other HUGE favors by being authentic. Besides doesn’t pretense kind of make you gag a little bit?? 🙂

So in an effort to be authentic, let me pull back the curtain just a smidge. As many of you know from this post, my hubs and I are launching the Pursuit of Love conference this weekend.

Pursuit of Love Dating Conference

Read all about it here! I honestly can’t believe it’s already here. It’s been years of dreams, passion, planning and vision stirring in our hearts. It’s part thrilling, part vomit inducing, but in the end, all Jesus.

And I know from experience that there are a LOT of misconceptions about ministry or really any kind of teaching position. Do you remember being young and running into one of your teachers OUTSIDE of school??? So. Weird. They actually grocery shop?? Over the years people have said a few gems to me about ministry such as, “I want to work at the church so bad. It would be great to only have to be responsible to pray all day.” I almost choked on my coffee. But the best was, “ I know just what you’re going through as a Pastor’s Wife, I’ve watched a lot of 7th heaven.” Yep, that happened! Pretty sure my laughter was anything but discrete at that moment. So #letsgetreal kids, here’s what it looks like leading up to your 1st conference.

It’s first and foremost lots of time with the Lord. Spending time in prayer and the word for constant direction, closeness, depth, joy, strength, tenderness, open ears and dependence.


It’s extra coffee as you rehearse your talk for the umpteenth time with your dog being your soul audience member.

It’s planning meetings with THE MOST incredible people on the planet that you’ve been blessed enough to do life with.


It’s pouring over wording, graphics, and technical jargon and hoping you’re making the right decisions in some unfamiliar territory.

It’s renewing your mind and fighting against the lies of insecurity that pop up questioning who in the world you think you are doing this.


It’s still doing normal life things like errands, putting up Christmas Decorations (which I surrendered to only being ½ done until after the conference), replacing the 4 things that broke in your house this past week, investing into your own relationship and making sure your actual paying job doesn’t suffer one bit.

It’s trying on everything in your closet and deciding that nothing is suitable. (I should listen to my own advice) 😉 But texting your sister and friend your most viable options anyways.


Shoe 1 or Shoe 2?

It’s taking full advantage of lunch breaks by finding a quite room and going over everything one. More. Time.


It’s maintaining healthy routines so you can feel good and keep your immune system up. Lots of green smoothies, Lemon Water, Vitamins, and Apple Cider Vinegar have been happening this week!

It’s being so thankful for a mom and mom-in-love that made up a meal so its one less thing you have to worry about 🙂

(Stuffed Squash, my FAVORITE!! Veggies inside of veggies?!? Come on!)

It’s crying out to the Lord for the future relationships represented at this conference. It’s praying that God’s design for marriage would be an attainable dream that is painted on the minds of this next generation. It’s praying and believing that families can be saved before they’re started and that hearts can be kept from being shattered before they’ve even had the opportunity.

It’s learning a lot of humility, willingness to work hard and work weirdo hours for a bit. It’s a lot of self-doubt quickly extinguished by the reminder that its not about you and you can have full confidence in the one whose called you…only to have you question multiple times if you should’ve invested in a few Crest Whitening Strips before you stand in front of a crowd. Anybody hear me? 🙂 Ah, learning not to take myself too seriously more and more.

But mostly, it’s the thrilling joy of knowing that you get to be a part of something God is up to. Even though you’re human and messy and its clothed in a lot of sacrifice. It’s. Exciting.

So friends, I will keep you posted. Follow along on Social Media all weekend long #PursuitofLoveConference. Thank you for your prayers for us and for every life and future relationship represented. We’re believing God to write all over their hearts and imprint them with His amazing design for what relationships could look like! And the beautiful thing about the Lord is that He refreshes you in the process.


Until Next Time,



  1. normaleverydaylifeblog says:

    Love it when people share what goes on behind the scenes! I’m sure your honesty will just lend even more credibility to what you share at the conference. We know in our heads that everyone’s not perfect, but it’s easy to forget that and put them on pedestals. Visiting you from Turn It Up Tuesday.


  2. What a neat look into a wonderful ministry! Thanks so much for sharing.


  3. I always love reading your posts, they are so inspirational. Congrats and hope it kicks off smoothly!


  4. What an inspirational post! It is so easy to put people up on a pedestal but you’re right we are all in this together! Hope your conference goes well!



  5. I’m totally in love with this! Pinned and tweeted. We appreciate you being a part of our party, and I hope to see you on tonight at 7 pm. We love partying with you!
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls


  6. From experience, conferences are usually such a blessing! I’ve always loved the fellowship and the time to really focus in a way you usually can’t in real life. I hope your conference went great! If nothing else, all God asks from us is a willing heart, and you certainly have it!


  7. Jenna @ A Savory Feast says:

    This is so awesome! I definitely am guilty of thinking that the speakers at conferences have it all together. This is a great peek into their real lives! Thanks for sharing this with Hump Day Happenings.


  8. I’m not sure how you do all of this with a full-time job, too! You are def. an inspiration! I can tell this is in your roots, tho!



  1. […] of Love CD’s & DVD’s from our conference in December.  The DVD’s just came in this week!!!  PS. if you’re not local or able to […]


  2. […] of Love CD’s & DVD’s from our conference in December.  The DVD’s just came in this week!!!  PS. if you’re not local or able to […]


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