Like I’ve said before, my husband is a pretty inspirational dude. Hope his words inspire you and give you a glimpse into the heart of No Small Life! 🙂

No Small Life

Everyone has hopes, dreams, and visions for an amazing future.  How many times have you had an idea for an invention, or book, or movie, or TV show?  How many times have you sat around thinking about what you could do in the future?  A vision is a picture of what the future could look like.  What is your vision?  What could your future look like?  God has wired us and created us to have big dreams, and live fulfilling lives.  However, somewhere along the lines we have settled for the mundane and mediocre.  We have settled for what seems safe instead of going after our dreams.  I have found something out in life….  Everyone has vision and everyone has hopes and dreams for the future.  However, as life progresses we get stuck.  Fears that we don’t have what it takes to live out our dream replace the Hopes and…

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