Day of Days

 Can you hear it? If you crane your neck and lean in really hard you can almost hear Carrie Underwood belting out the Sunday Night Football theme song. That’s right, fall is almost here! And as much as I’m trying to milk my summer sandals for all-they’re-worth, pretty soon there will be that crisp autumn air, visits to apple orchards and cinnamon pumpkin spice everything!

            If your home is anything like mine, fall also brings one other little thing along with it…


            Now football was not regularly watched in my house growing up. In my husbands home on the other hand, it was a sacred event not to be tampered with. SO you can imagine my dismay as a young bride when I couldn’t fathom why my hubby wouldn’t want to make a Target run with me on a beautiful October Sunday afternoon…..I’ve learned a lot in 13 years kids.

            Now before you jump to conclusions thinking this is an irritated wife rant about Football Season, let me just re-assure you, nothing could be further from the truth. I think my hubby is just about the greatest thing in the world. Through the years we’ve learned to appreciate and celebrate each others differences. And today I wanted to let you in on our little “give and take” around the start of Football Season.

            Every year the weekend before the NFL season begins, we schedule our annual “Day of Days.” ( We like to name everything around here, it makes it feel more like a celebration!)  “Day of Days” is an entire day that my Mr. and I spend together doing whatever I want! #win 😀  It’s his gift to me before all the Football begins.  Over the years however, we’ve kind of established a rhythm and a tradition that doesn’t vary too much and it’s something we both look forward to. Here’s what we do and hopefully it’ll open the door for all of you Football Wives out there to have a Day of Days of your own!

            We “kick off ” (cheesy pun intended) the morning a little slower, get in a good workout and head down to a local farmers market in a ritzy part of town. Here’s our loot:


Anyone else a huge farmers market fan? It’s crazy how much I love farmers markets.  It’s just so fun, I mean where else can you buy adorable baby eggplant? 😉

Or pet a chicken


real…or otherwise


All that chicken made us hungry so we grab a little sustenance.

Today’s lunch was brought to you by my absolute fav…Mediterranean Food


Mmm Hummus. No worries, Chris took one for the team by eating my share of the non-GF pita 🙂

Following lunch we grabbed Caffeine (and a photo opp on a random park bench in front of an ivy covered wall.  How could we NOT have taken a picture?  😉 )


and set out to explore some of the gorgeous neighborhoods on foot.

We’ve been really into the show “Flip or Flop” lately. And even though we don’t have a clue about the actual work involved in flipping houses, we analyze exactly what we think we’d do to a few of the “lesser” homes on the street like a #boss. Check out a few of these beauties:


We snapped this and ran before the nice people could glare at us from their tower of windows


This house just went on the market for 1.9 mil #chumpchange.  And because we would obviously would need to fill our dream homes with furniture, we walked back into town and hit up Ethan Allen.

Where we decided that this chair should be ours someday.


I love a chair with a sense of humor.  And since we were only steps away from Anthropologie (be still my heart), of course I had to go in and touch everything.
It’s a girl thing.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Master Chef started cooking up all those peppers.  Note the J Lo circa 2003 protective eye wear.  Very important to protect those iris’ from random splashes of EVOO.


I apologize for the horrific lighting, but that moment was not to be missed! 😉

So glad you got to share in our “Day of Days!”


Just a little encouragement for all of you couples out there with differences, that would be all of you right? 🙂  You’re separate interests can either drive you apart OR cause you to come together.  You can begrudge the other person  by throwing pity parties and making you’re life feel oh-so-small OR you can accept them, celebrate each others differences and make up some traditions that everyone looks forward to.  I hope you choose the latter. 🙂

Oh, and in case you’re wondering how those Farmers Market veggies turned out…


Here’s to cooking peppers & making memories

Until next time…


PS..Interested in more cheap date night ideas?  Check out these posts here, here & here!


  1. Last night my hubs surprised me with a date night to do whatever I wanted as well! We picked up Starbucks, shopped for fall scents at b&bw, rode around watching the sunset, & ate at a new restaurant.. It’s the little things 🙂 love your “day of days” tradition!! Marriage is fun!


  2. I actually started getting into watching football a few years before i met my hubby and i’m so glad i did because now i get to enjoy it with him. there are some days where i kind of roll my eyes though… maybe i’ll see what he thinks of the ‘day of days’ idea because i love it either way!!!


  3. You guys are adorable! What a cute idea! Football brings everything in my house to a halt too, but I’ve learned to love it. Football season means friends over every weekend! So glad to meet you, stopped by from the Jack Of All Trades linkup and I’m so happy I did!


  4. I love the whole premise behind this! Between the farmer’s market, touching everything in Anthropologie and everything in between it sounds like a wonderful day! 🙂


  5. I think I actually love football more than my hubby, but I’m loving this date! Such an easy way to keep both happy 🙂 I’m gonna run this by my husband – thanks for the idea!! 🙂


  6. Such a great idea. My husband is a huge football fan also, so Sundays during the season become his day to watch football, and my day to do whatever I want. Sometimes i go out, other times I stay home and hang out. Would you stop by and share this at “Celebrate It!”? It’s a blog party where we celebrate the everyday things we do and we would love to celebrate with you! Hope to see you there!


  7. This is such a genious idea! I’m going to tell my husband about this to get the idea in his head. 🙂


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