Current Beauty Favorites from a Non-Beauty Blog


This is not a beauty blog nor could it ever be a beauty blog. BECAUSE, if it was a beauty blog, it would be a funny beauty blog… And it would sound a little something like this:

 “This hairspray will only keep your hair big for 2 hours, but THIS hairspray will keep your hair big for 4 hours, so if you’re going to be gone all day, pack a big purse ladies!”

 Beauty Products. We all use them, male and female alike. The main difference between the male and female readers of this blog is the AMOUNT of products we use. We’ve got you beat by a landslide boys! 😉

And while it’s very true that no one product is the answer for all of your longings. Sometimes one little thing that makes your life simpler and answers your beauty woe can make ALL the difference! Much like those great shopping apps I clued you into a few weeks ago. ( Talk to me about Shopstyle, am I right? :)) You see, it’s so easy to either:

  1. get stuck in a beauty rut by mindlessly purchasing the same products over & over again even though you’ve outgrown them OR
  2.  get sucked into the marketing ploys that you need a product in order to achieve lifelong happiness much like the carefree model in the commercial.

Fortunately, the answer is C. You are lovely and free to experiment fearlessly, within your budget of course ;), knowing that your big beautiful life could never be enhanced merely by Revlon…your lips on that other hand, now that’s a different story 😉 Haha juuuust kidding.

SO, without further adieu for your viewing pleasure today I’ve compiled a few of my favorite hair, makeup, and nail products. Grab a coffee and lets pretend we’re perusing the aisles of our beloved Target or Ulta together. 🙂


Hair: I am a huge connoisseur of dry shampoo. I’ve tried a TON of different brands. High end and drug store alike. When you exercise and don’t like to wash your hair everyday, finding a favorite dry shampoo becomes a noble quest. You’re not only doing it for you, but also for all the people who stroll near your head on a regular basis. So, on behalf of all the peeps I engage with on a daily basis…you’re welcome. My current favorite is this one: Herbal Essence Naked Dry Shampoo.


 (Side note: I so wish it wasn’t called ‘Naked’. Everything has the word naked in it lately. Naked or Nude. Nude, however has my vote for literally the most awkward word in the English Language. Do you ever say Nude without giggling a little bit?…or am I just 5 years old. Maybe we can petition for “Natural” or “Flesh toned.” Nope, flesh toned is definitely just as bad. I digress. We now return to your regularly scheduled program.)

 This Herbal Essence has a really nice scent and doesn’t get “chalky” in your hair. Have you used the ones that make you look like you’re going gray? Those are fun.

I just spray my roots, rub it in a bit and shake it out with my fingers. The ONLY downside I’ve found to this product is that it can over-spray a bit and when it does, you, your clothes and your room can end up with tiny white polka dots. It rubs right out, but it’s a little surprising if you’re not prepared for it 🙂 You’ve been warned.

Makeup: Ladies, let’s talk concealer. I would venture to say that if I had one of those “what would you take on a desert island questions” I would probably take concealer…and my husband…and my bible…and Spray Paint so I could decorate our hut. BUT let’s just talk about the concealers for today 🙂 I have 2 favorites: Benefit Erase Paste & Maybelline Dream Lumi Highlighting Concealer.


I fell in love with Erase Paste a few years back. It covers dark circles like nobodies business without giving you the dreaded “raccoon eyes.” I also love it for the consistency. It’s really creamy so it doesn’t settle into your fine lines and is also a bit brightening. I always feel more awake and rested after putting a little on. The other great thing about this is that it lasts FOREVER. If you’re considering picking some up, get a “sample” size by the checkout kiosk at Ulta. It’s half the price and will still last you for months!  AND, true story, I’ve also bought it off Ebay for 1/2 the price.  You’re welcome.


My other favorite is Maybelline Dream Lumi Highlighting Concealer. My sister turned me on to this one a couple of months back and I gotta say, I was very impressed. It’s also brightening and works great for contouring, which is what I mostly use it for. Its not my favorite for covering blemishes, I prefer erase paste for that. But if you’ve been hunting for an illuminating concealer that can double as a highlight color for contouring, take this one for a spin.

Nails: Ok, so if you remember from this post, pretty much the only way I make time to do my nails is right before I work out. When else do you have an hour when you aren’t running the risk of getting smudged am I right? Well I just tried  Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in “Mojito” for the first time and I am hooked! I’ve always been a Sally Hansen fan. They have a huge range of colors and a great ‘domed ‘brush shape. BUT, this one includes a base & top coat and lots of other fun extra’s like strengtheners and growth treatments. Here is a picture on day 5 ladies.


DAY 5! I don’t think you understand how monumental that is for me. 🙂 I could find a way to chip day one if I was sitting in a padded room and had a servant to open all of my containers!!! Lol I did do an an extra top coat, also from the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line. My ONLY issue with that top coat is the dry time. So, try and put it on at the beginning of your workout 😉

 Well, that’s it for some of my current fav’s but I would love to hear about your beauty loves too!

 Until next time,



  1. iamkellyann says:

    Love that nail polish!

    And I’ll definitely have to try the Erase Paste. Have you tried Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse? If you get bored with the Erase Paste (which it sounds like you won’t because it sounds amazing and magical), you should give it a try! It’s also amazing, and light, and I forget that I have it on sometimes.

    Dry shampoo is also a life saver.


  2. Terese Rea says:

    Meg- I just love your ideas! I’m going to definitely check out the dry shampoo!!!
    Love you!


  3. i love that dry shampoo too!


  4. I’ve been looking for a dry shampoo! And yes the name is a bit awkward.. ha!


  5. What a fun list! I make my own dry shampoo using cornstarch and cocoa so I can adjust it to the right shade of brown for my hair, plus I smell like chocolate! And I’m totally loving that color of nail polish, perfection!


  6. thanks so much for all these tips Meg! I’ve never used dry shampoo… guess I’ll have to try it! 🙂


  7. Applying nail varnish before a work out is such a good idea, now I just need to start working out and I’m sorted! I’m am impressed with those nails after 5 days though, I normally give up on my nails on day 3 or 4 max. I blame housework, maybe I could just give that up instead!
    I also love your opening picture, I have often wondered why my hair doesn’t bounce like a Disney Princess!


  8. Jenna @ A Savory Feast says:

    I am loving those Sally Hanson nail polishes! I was so excited to get one in my Influenster box. They have really cute colors.


  9. I’m a huge fan of dry shampoo! I currently use Suave, Pureology and some fancy pancy one I bought on clearance for $3.00. The dry shampoo was origianlly $20 (aka rip off). Also, that nail color is super pretty! I love it.


  10. I absolutely love your manicure color. And 5 days with no chips is quite amazing, in my opinion!


  11. Great post! I loved reading the whole thing (which doesn’t happen very often). I’m definitely going to try a few of these products. I’ve heard of dry shampoo, but never used it, and I hate washing my hair every day, it takes so long to dry! Thanks for sharing!


  12. The nail polish is to die for! I’ve been trying Dove dry care oil lately after I got a sample, dry shampoo would be right up my alley–I’m really busy and my hair is way too long to wash and blowdry it every day! Great piece, so glad I found you on Hump Day Happenings!


  13. This post cracked me up!! Which made it even better. I’m going to have to try that dry shampoo, still haven’t found one that doesn’t make me look like I’m going grey :O


  14. I ADORE that Herbal Essences dry shampoo! I use it almost everyday and love what it does with my hair!! It works so much better than others and doesn’t leave a ton of nasty, visible residue!! I know what you mean about it kinda getting everywhere, although I have never visibly seen it in my bathroom. I definitely notice that my floor feels “dusty” after giving my hair a good spray, haha!


  15. I love using dry shampoo! It’s a must have around here.
    I love that graphic at the top–so funny!


  16. Love the title of your blog post. I’ll have to give your concealer paste a try. I’m always looking for great concealer.


  17. Ok I thought I tried EVERYTHING for undereye circles.. but I have never tried erase paste! off to ulta I go! Glad I found you through the capture your journey link up 🙂



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