Memorial Day & our Anniversary…today we remember


Today being Memorial Day, we remember.  We remember all of the men and women who selflessly laid down their lives so that we could live our lives in freedom.  Truly, they are an incredible example of No Small Life.   We are forever grateful for their sacrifice.



Today I’m also reflective of a rainy Memorial Day Weekend 14  years ago, when I walked down the aisle towards my future; the 14 years ago I became a Mrs.  That’s right, our marriage is a teenager!  It threatened to go all rebellious on us, but no fear, we reigned it in.  Juuust kidding.  😉 We’ve walked through so much together in our time as man and wife.  Life has a way of not going quite as you usually plan, but you know what, I wouldn’t change a thing.  Marriage is an incredible gift when you honor it AND each other as one.



I am forever grateful for this amazing guy that I get to do life with every day.  With one hand to hold onto each other and one hand firmly grasped in the palm of our Savior, there’s no telling what adventures will be in store for the next 14 years and beyond.



So, here’s my challenge of the day:  Celebrate the freedom you’ve been gifted and celebrate those lives around you who make the freedom worth cherishing. And to give you JUST a little help, Chris and I have developed a resource called “The Top 3 Apps for the Romantically Challenged.” Click here. You won’t want to miss this!


Until next time…


PS..stay tuned ’til tomorrow, Born 2 Win updates are coming at cha’



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  2. you look so beautiful in your wedding photos! Such a baby! haha congratulations on 14 years! That’s amazing.



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