3 Date Night Ideas for Busy Times

3 Date Night Ideas for Busy Times

Hi guys!  I know I’ve been a little quiet this week. We’ve had some pretty big transitions going on in our lives and they required the majority of my focus.

After 13 amazing years of youth ministry my hubby and I are “passing the baton,” so to speak, to an incredible couple whom we’ve had the pleasure of doing life along side of since they were in our youth ministry. The circle of life is a beautiful thing isn’t it?

How many of you just thought of The Lion King? I digress.

In all seriousness, we love teenagers and would’ve been youth pastors until our dying breath had God not started tugging our heart strings in some new directions. The most amazing thing about this transition is that we literally worked ourselves out of a job. I know I’m bias, but I literally think my husband is the most amazing mentor in the world! He loves people so deeply and over the past couple of years I’ve watched him pour himself so selflessly into others, that they now not only know our jobs, but the heart behind a pastor & ministry as well.

Like any major transition in life, it’s very bittersweet for us. I have shed some serious tears over the course of the last few weeks. BUT, its also been so filled with peace because we’re confident in God’s leading for us, our INCREDIBLE youth staff and in the couple that’s succeeding us. Great things are in store all around.


transitions, they’re stressful ya’ll! 🙂 So many things flood your mind and vie for your attention. And finally, last week we had had enough.

SO we took a page out of Jack Johnson’s lyric book and thought…

“Maybe we can sleep in
Ill make you banana pancakes
Pretend like it’s the weekend now…”

That’s right. We did it. We took a vacation day and had a “Day Date” right in the middle of the week.

Bam, take that adulthood. Now we didn’t exactly make pancakes, but we did pay the very nice man who made them 🙂

I grabbed a workout while the hubs slept in and then we got our brunch on. Exhibit A.


Meg-“I’ll take a 2 egg veggie omelet dry, no cheese, add spinach”

Chris-“And I’d like pancakes the size of a sombrero.”


After filling ourselves with yumminess we set out to a matinee. Matinee’s are so great, they’re literally half the price for the same film. Its just not very often you can see a movie at say, 2pm on a Thursday, so take full advantage when you can!


Dating as a couple is so important, but it becomes especially important when you “are just too busy to carve out time.”

You’ve got to pull away, reconnect and refocus. Whenever you’re walking through something major, it’s important to walk through it together.  And if you’re not in a relationship, it’s still important to schedule dates with your friends and fam! 😉

When your life and relationships get out of balance, your world can get pre-t-ty small and your perspective gets skewed.

So what’s the number one thing that keeps you from scheduling “dates?” Time, well we just covered that one 😉 How about the $ factor? That’s pretty much the biggest excuse I hear, but listen up friends, dates don’t have to cost a lot of money to be awesome!!

Exhibit B.


Chris and I have been on a constant quest to find the “world’s greatest coffee shop” since about 2011. Cost of date=about $6.

Another great date idea is to go exploring model homes. (See some AWESOME ones here)

It’s one of our favs for a couple of reasons. First, its totally FREE. Second, it’s a great conversation starter about what you would love in your “dream home” and why. And third, it can give you great ideas for your current space.

That’s actually what lead us down the whole road to our current living room DIY 🙂 Here we are taking in the worlds coolest bathroom:


So, there’s a couple of low-cost high-fun date ideas from us. But, I’d LOVE to hear your ideas too!

Until Next time…




  1. pjsenryu says:

    you two sure know how to have fun! 😉 And did you say “y’all?” Cousin, Terri from Alabamy


  2. Touring model homes is one of our favorite things to do. I never thought of it as a “date” until now. It’s a great way to connect with each other! Good luck in whatever is coming next. You and Chris were so valuable to me during my time in youth group.


  3. I love these ideas Meg! It looks like you guys are a lot of fun! I LOVE taking tours of model homes! I get so excited about all the ideas I can incorporate into my own home!
    One thing my hubby and I have been doing is going on bike dates on the weekends. On a nice sunny day we’ll take time to ride, talk and exercise together. It’s been a great way for us to connect and have fun!


  4. Congrats on your transitions. I know what you mean about them being hard though…my husband and I are going through one now as well. And sometimes you just have to take a “time out” for yourselves and breathe. 🙂 I absolutely love the model home idea for a date!! I might have to try that. Thanks for inking up with us.


    • Hi Faith, i understand those transitions. Hoping you guys can take some “time outs” to come together! Thanks so much for stopping by Faith and for hosting! Love your blog 💛


  5. Great ideas! Being a pastor really does get hard. My dad is one. The pastor is every worker in the church when the church needs him to be. The lawn mower, the plumber, the get blamed person, you name it! Sometimes taking a step back to let God do is the best thing.


    • Totally Understand that Elizabeth! Definitley a new season, my husbands role is “teaching pastor” now and He’s enjoying it. Excited for what the Lord has in store ☺️


  6. What a great post and wonderful ideas! I am new to the blogging community and I love finding new places to get great ideas from wonderful people. 🙂


  7. That’s funny because we love looking at model homes too! We actually just bought a fixer upper last week so I’ll be doing it to get some ideas. Sounds like you had a fun date 🙂


  8. These really are great ideas. Love exploring model homes for decorating ideas!!


  9. I haven’t explored model homes in a long time. Those were great in determining what we wanted and what we didn’t. Thanks for linking up with Turn it Up Tuesday.


  10. These are fantastic ideas! think my husband gets a bit stressed with date nights as he feels they cost a lot of money, but I love the model homes idea as we have a few new subdivisions in our area and want to redo our bathroom soon.


    • Totally understand that, lack of funds can be frustrating especially for the men in our lives. But I don’t know about you, but so many of my fav dates nights have been the ones that hardly cost anything. 🙂 Glad you like the model home idea, hopefully you’ll find some good inspiration for you bathroom reno!


  11. Reblogged this on and commented:

    About a year ago, Chris and I navigated through one of the biggest transitions of our lives. Here’s a little “behind the scenes” of how we went through that time together…


  12. I seriously love the model home idea! My hubby and I recently spent a Saturday looking at new homes and had so much fun! Totally date worthy! 🙂 Awesome ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. what a fund idea to have a day like that! Small victories… This was a great reminder for me. Since we’ve had our baby, date nights have consisted of either a movie on the couch or dinner with our tiny chaperone watching closely. Haha!
    Lo – traveltheunbeatenpath.com


  14. I am dropping by from the #FaithandFellowshipBlogHop. I will praying for your new stage of life- it must be so exciting! My husband works 2 jobs and is going to Paramedic school so we are very short on time. One of the things we try to do is make sure we keep in touch on the phone. We text a lot. We also make sure to have a at least one dinner at home a week to reconnect. Last week that was a quick picnic after one of his study group sessions. I tagged along and then we did our picnic. I can’t wait though until December when he graduates. Then I get him for 1.5 years until he starts the nursing bridge program. We also do a lot of themed date night like Lego Date night, cupcake decorating, movie themed nights, etc.


    • Wow, that is a brutal schedule! But it sounds like you’re doing a great job of still prioritizing each other. LOVE the themed date night ideas!! Lego Date?? I’m so curious 🙂


  15. These are great ideas! I haven’t been out for coffee with just the hubby in such a long time and thinking back – that was one of our fave things to do before the kids. Nowadays it seems like small children don’t mix well in the types of coffee shops we used to enjoy, but you’re right that dates are so important. A coffee shop might have to be next reason we get a sitter!


  16. Cool bathroom. My hubby and I used to go on a Parade of Homes where you get to tour all the amazing homes. It was the greatest date! Free & so much fun. We loved it. Now with 2 kiddos…we haven’t been doing it. Such a fun memory.

    And going out for breakfast is one of my absolute favorite dates!


  17. kellycoxathome says:

    Love these ideas! Dates don’t need to be expensive! Just focused time together. My husband and I even have “date night in” from time to time. We find something to do together and call it date night! We may include fun appetizers or a dessert but we make it focused time together and it’s really fun!


  18. kellycoxathome says:

    My husband and I do “date night in” from time to time. We enjoy being at home and if we find something to do, coupled with appetizers, perhaps a fun, new dessert, then we are able to just enjoy home, good food and fun together!


  19. These are GREAT ideas!!!!


  20. These are GREAT ideas! I’ve already passed along to a friend! Pinning! Thanks for sharing at the Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop!



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