April snow showers bring…wait a second


Today I’m reminded of the unpredictability of life. Its April 15th. Yesterday it was close to 70 degrees. Today, there are 2 inches of snow on the ground. Life is just weird sometimes isn’t it? I was reminded this morning in “Jesus Calling” that predictability makes us feel more secure and when our routines are shaken it can leave us grasping. We really are not as in control as we think we are, BUT we always always have a choice in any and every circumstance.

The choice is this, who will you be and who/what will you cling to? In those moments when you’re “hard-pressed” will you trust or will you resent? Will you cling to a God with a proven track record of faithfulness; leaning on his promises to lead you, guide you, renew, restore and bring about transformation? Will you hold tight to your loved ones or will you allow circumstances to drive a wedge between you? Will you choose joy in the many micro-decisions you make throughout the day or will you choose to allow these circumstances to cripple you, embitter you, and make your life small?

Today, whatever life throws your way, remember, you always have the ability to choose who you will become and who & what you will cling too. Make a decision today, to press in to your family and not separate. Make a decision to press into a loving God who is holding the entire world together. And make a decision to choose joy. New seasons will come, the “snow of life” will melt, 🙂 and you, loved one, can be stronger and better on the other side of it, IF you so choose.


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