2 days to Win and a Week in House Shopping

Thanks to everyone for the great responses so far to the “FIRST EVER SHE SAID CONTEST!”  There’s been comments, emails, Fb messages and even the occasional text from those closest to me.  There’s been really helpful ideas so far, but of course I haven’t settled on anything yet BECAUSE…there’s still 2 days left!   2 days to help a sister out and 2 days to plan which pair of spring sandals YOU could be purchasing with your $25 Target gift card!  If you’re super confused and unsure of what is going on, no worries, you just missed the previous post.  Quick click here to get caught up!

Phew!  Now that that’s over, this week I have had a lot of 9-5 business to take care of, but in my off hours have been continuously tweaking my living room as new ideas come in.  I’m currently looking for this ottoman:


…for free.  My sister tells me I’m living in a Hallmark Movie if I think that’s possible, but none the less, I’m hunting!  So if you’re out and about this week and YOU see a free amazing ottoman/coffee table lemme know.  AND in the meantime, if you’re looking to update your 4 walls, allow my multiple trips to any home store I can think of to help you out!

Kirklands has some good options and amazing prices on art work right now.  Here’s my favorite:


At Garden Ridge, this HUGE Art Deco Mirror caught my eye…”say hello to my little feet”


Target has some great items out for spring.  Lots of bright colors if you’re in the market for such things.  Here’s what I captured:

20140329-172023.jpgand on the end cap with a glorious little red tag:

20140329-172040.jpgI scooped up the teal one for a song.

And finally at Home Goods this side board is one part Art Deco one part Mid-Century Modern & all parts awesome!!!


Also at Home Goods this great Mirror:


…it was obviously a yellow scarf kind of day.

Now, the teal lamp shade may have been the only thing that made it into my cart (I’ve got big plans for him), but hopefully this weeks shopping adventures will help you in your house.  And remember 20140329-164520.jpg

Unless of course you’re entering the contest and in that case, you best hurry along! 😉 Looking forward to hearing from you!!! AND let me know if any of this weeks finds will be making their way into your home.


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