Girly Multitasking: Make the Most of Your Workout

Girly Multitasking make the most of your workout

I feel better about life when my nails are painted.  It’s such a silly “first-world” thing that I’m almost ashamed to admit it…almost.  But I say that because I know I’m not alone in that fact.  I realize all of my male readers are currently rolling their eyes at me or clicking off my blog, BUT before you do, hang with me a second.  We all have little things in life that make us feel better and slightly more pulled together.  The little things that say, hey, even on your craziest of days, you took time to do ___________ for yourself and mentally, it made you feel better.

Those little things are important, not essential, but part of the “icing” of life that was meant to be celebrated.  The problem is, taking the time to sit perfectly still and actually paint my nails never ever happens.  I’m a habitual muilt-tasker.  I don’t always condone it, because sometimes while necessary, it can lead to undo stress.  However, we all need to do a little juggling from time to time, but how do you multi-task your nails you ask?  The answer…paint your nails right before your workout!

I can feel you all staring at me in disbelief, but I promise it works great.  I’m one who works out from home, so I’ve never actually done this in a gym, BUT where there’s a will, there’s a way and if you try it, I want to hear about it!!!

Doing your nails works great before a treadmill workout because your hands are already flying through the air.  It works equally well with any kind of aerobics or dance workout; as well as in yoga or Pilates because your hands are pretty much flat for a good amount of time.  This even works during circuit or interval type training.  It can be a little trickier because they usually involve weights, but my nails have made it through many a Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper and Jari Love sweat sessions unscathed.

And PS, if you’re looking for a couple of really great workouts to help you stick to your resolutions, check this out:

Image 6

A Bob Harper 4 pack of DVD’s I found at Target for $15!  And they will kick that little behind of yours too, trust me. 😉

Anyways, to do, grab your color and put a coat of polish on right before you start your workout.  Today I’m using a very happy Sally Hansen color called “Pink Blink,” as well as a Sally Hansen top coat.

Image 1


I’m a big fan of Sally Hansen polish because of the price and the rounded brush shape. Works like a charm.

At your first water break, throw on your second coat, continue workout, then grace yourself with a third water break for your top coat.  And you’re done…with your nails..not your workout.  Keep sweating.  I like a good 20 min to let this particular top coat dry, but of all the ones I’ve tried this one is definitely a fav!

Here’s the finished product, with Gunther making a guest appearance.

Image 2

Once you’re showered and ready to face the world, throw on a little jewelry to frame your cute nails.  My current favorite is:

Image 4

this triple stack midi ring from Express.  A Christmas present from my Mr.  Thanks Hubs, you have such good taste.  Gunther made his way into this pic as well.  Cheeky little fella’. Well, I’m off to shove my freshly painted nails into gloves for the rest of the day considering its 7 degrees.  Thank God for that top coat 😉 Until next time…Meg

*I have nothing to disclose


  1. I had never thought of this! Do you shower with cold water afterward? (After working out is one of the few times I can shower with cold water, and hot water is bad for my polish)


    • Hi Julie! 🙂 You absolutely could. I usually just run my hands under cold water before jumping in the shower if I’m not feeling brave enough to tackle a whole chilly shower 🙂


  2. I totally agree that I feel better when my nails are done but I never take the time to do it, partly because I’m so bad at it, but I know the only way I’ll get better is by actually doing it! I love the idea of letting them dry while working out that’s brilliant!


  3. I too love nice nails, I use to have my own salon and would tell my clients, You look at yourself before going out the door, and thats usually the last time you see yourself in a mirror, but you can always look down at your nails and it makes you feel good when they are pretty!!! Thanks for sharing at Oh My Heartsie Girl this week!!!
    Have a great week!!!

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  4. Love this! I had never thought of doing it- but I’m going to now. A JM DVDs are my favorite workout ones.

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  5. That’s such a pretty shade of pink! :] I love having nice nails, but never really take the time to do em’ either (a couple times a year is probably fairly accurate). Maybe this weekend!

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  6. Painting my nails makes me feel like a girl. Which is a totally necessary thing for me! Buuuut…I can never manage to paint my nails without smudging them no matter how hard I try. I swear even the air somehow manages to ding my wet nails!


  7. my hubby loves my nails painted red so I try to keep them painted for him 🙂

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  8. This is genius. Seriously. I should tell myself I’m only allowed to paint my nails if I workout too lol

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  9. As I commented on your other post, I love doing treadmill workouts. I never thought of painting my nails beforehand, tho! What a great idea! You have great nails and the ring trio is so pretty!


  10. I never would have thought of that but it’s a great idea! Love the pink color too!



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