Simple, Elegant & EASY Christmas Decor

Simple Christmas Decor

It’s the most Wonderful time of the year… or so the song tells us.  I do love me some Christmas, but there have been times in my life when Christmas has brought along with it a slew of painful realities.

Just a few short days ago a very close friend lost a family member in a horrific way.  And when you’re hurting the thought of decorating gingerbread men and listening to “Jingle Bell Rock,” can seem painfully out of place.  We never fully know what someone is walking through this time of year and instead of the impatience and business that the holidays can bring out in most of us, its so important that we extend grace and joy to the people around us.  You can be an ambassador of hope to people this time of year just by showing love and thoughtfulness.

The holidays can be a difficult time for many people, but what I’ve found by walking through my share of difficult seasons is that it is still important to celebrate.  As long as there is breath in my lungs, I am determined to live this life to the full.  But, that also means that some days and some holidays will look different than others and that’s OK.  You’ve got to give yourself permission to celebrate in a way that makes sense for you and your family.

Maybe the thought of putting up a Christmas tree this year is too much for whatever reason.  I get it, BUT there is a true comfort in the familiarity of tradition.   So, this year what if  you decked your halls quickly and inexpensively by filling some vases and bowls with Christmas bulbs instead? 🙂  This is one of my favorite tricks to adding an instant Christmas feel to any room.

Here’s what it looks like in my basement:

Basement Vase

Here we have my kitchen counter:

Image 2

And at the OTHER end of my kitchen counter…

IMG_6570These Apothecary jars hang out in my kitchen year round.  They’ve been known to hold apples, citrus fruit and candy.  They got their Christmas Spirit on with a few über sparkly bulbs and yes, you may see a little “joy” tucked in there too.  That’s a Target ornament from last season.

Here’s my dining room table:

Christmas-Dining Room Table

A few silver bulbs tucked in with the green apples that live in that bowl every season.

This little vase is in the master bath:


…ok, clearly I have a slight addiction to vases filled with Christmas bulbs!

Last one, I promise, my office:


And if you’re thinking, “Hey, that looks mysteriously like the one on her kitchen counter…” Well, you’d be right.  That little guy is still floating around looking for the perfect spot, where do you think he should land??

Hope you’re smiling and inspired to add some sparkle to your home!


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  1. I love how you used ornaments everywhere! Very festive.


  2. Reblogged this on .


  3. I love decorating with ornaments and have sometimes wondered if it had become an addiction. I’m also glad to read from others that decorating doesn’t have to be all out.


  4. Terese Rea says:

    This is one of my favorites Megan! Our family had a couple of very painful years! You have always brought some sunshine and Christmas cheer into our lives! I love you, my sweet one!!


  5. Once upon a time I used to do this with my beautiful glass ornaments. They look beautiful in your home! Thinking I may need to pick up cheap plastic ones so my toddlers won’t destroy them this year 🙂


  6. I love decorating with ornaments! Your home is so festive!



  7. Beautiful Christmas decor! My mom was in a really bad car accident (a drunk hit her) last week at about this time… it has really put a damper on the holidays for us this year, so I totally agree with this post.


  8. I love how simple, yet classy these decorations are!! It’s so inspiring! Anyone can do this 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!


  9. Mary-The Boondocks Blog says:

    What a simple and yet very elegant idea. I could do that with things I already have in my house. Thanks for the great tip, yours are vey pretty.


  10. I love filling jars with ornaments! I bought a glass milk jar last year with the sole intention of putting mini ornaments in it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing at the #MerryBlogmas decor link party! Join us next week for gifts!


  11. These are all such cute ideas! Thanks for sharing with us at Share The Wealth Sunday!



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