The Power of Encouragement

This week I received a hand-written note.  What’s that you ask?  No, not an email, text or even the ever-exclusive facebook message.  An actual piece of stationary filled with beautiful penmanship.


My note came to me in the middle of a crazy week; and sometimes a week filled with lots of different things to juggle and hats to wear can leave you feeling like you’re not doing any one thing well, just everything “ok.”


Enter Note.


When I saw this card cross my desk, instead of just riffling through it along with the bills and junk mail, I tucked it away.  Something this thoughtful was way too precious to hold a place between the $0 down and 0% interest furniture ad and my water bill.  So I saved it.  Later that evening I stole a couple of moments away with a cup of ginger tea, my favorite chair and note in hand.


The note was from a girl who’s been through our youth ministry and I have had the privilege of mentoring.  She is just one of my favorite people in the whole wide world.  The note was filled to the brim with encouragement.  She shared a part of her story and how I had played a role in it. And then, she just spoke some life into me.


It’s the kind of note that I will cherish and tuck away forever.


Now, everyone receives love different ways.  Me in particular, I’m a “words of affirmation” kind of girl.  (How did I discover this you ask????  If you’ve never picked a up a copy of The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman, let me strongly recommend it to you, so insightful!! If you’re curious about your Love Language click here to take the test.) Words mean more to me than just about anything, what about you?


Today is a day just like any other, but what if today we each took 10 min to gift “The Power of Encouragement” to someone else?  What could happen?  You never know how just one encouraging word could set the tone for someone’s entire day and even beyond.  I know my note gave me fresh inspiration and energized me to keep going!


So here’s today’s challenge:  How can you take just 10 min and gift “The Power of Encouragement” to someone? Our life’s impact is meant to be so much greater than just us.  What if you took a moment to extend your life into someone else’s to encourage him or her today?

And when you do, leave a comment below.  I can’t wait to hear about the impact you’re going to have!

Take the beautiful gift of your No Small Life and use it to encourage someone else in their journey today.

Until Next Time…



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