Gray Days


There’s something about the sunshine that is very motivating.  You know those days, the sun just streams through your windows and the day seems brimming with hope and possibility….then there are those overcast days.  They call to you in a different way. Beckoning you to stay in bed, read a book, or make soup lol.

            Living in Michigan requires its inhabitants to have an arsenal of gray-day activities ready and on hand.  We LOVE our spring, summers and falls, but there’s this little thing called “winter” (and it is right around the corner *sniff *sniff) that seems to linger longer than any other season.  And unless you’re an avid winter outdoors-men and love activities like snowmobiling (never tried it), skiing (I stay in the lodge) or snowshoeing (I don’t live in Alaska) you, like me, tend to hibernate a little more.  So here’s a mini challenge:

           What if our gray-days looked a little different this year?  Now we could A. have a TV series marathon (The hubs and I would recommend LOST. Best. Show Ever.) OR B. spend time working on that one thing we’ve always wanted to conquer.

 What would you feel amazing about if you just took the first few steps towards making it happen TODAY?  Here’s a very short and very incomplete list to get you dreaming again:

            -Teach yourself to play 3 cords on the guitar

            -Try that new DVD workout that’s collecting dust or just waiting for you on Target’s shelves

            -Redo that piece of furniture Pinterest inspired you to tackle (here’s a little inspiration…as if you needed something else to pin)

            – Read that book that you know would greatly benefit you, your family, your marriage

            -Tackle that recipe, even if you’re the only one you think will like it

            -Take an hour and plan a day trip for you and your friends, or special someone

            -Clean your closet and see how many new outfits you can put together for FREE! (Have you seen all the blogs doing 30 day challenges like this?…Hmmm I sense a new post brewing…stay tuned! ;o)

 Like I said, it’s a short list, but what I’ve found is that we can either use gray-days to our advantage and to increase our joy or allow them to drag us down.


Here’s to a great gray-day the next time one comes creeping into your neck of the woods.  Now to decide which one I’m going to tackle from that list….


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