Ode to a Dressing Room

Ode to a Dressing Room:

I had an epiphany today while in the dressing room of a massive chain department store.  An idea so simply brilliant that I could increase revenue for any store by 10 fold..at least. Ready for the idea… I should open a “Light Fixture Consulting Firm” that caters exclusively to stores with dressing rooms!  I could easily do this as a part-time gig no matter how many business’ came my way because I would only need to offer one solution to increase there sales:  Get Rid of your Fluorescent Lighting. ASAP.  Its that simple.  And all the ladies said, “Amen!”  Haven’t retailers realized what we’ve all known for years?  Fluorescent Lighting is not our friend.  Nobody feels their confident self in crazy bright light illuminating every flaw. Not to mention, it can make you look like you haven’t slept since Friends was more than just a re-run.

Soft, ambient lighting is where its at for dressing rooms!  One of my favorite stores that I attribute the majority of my closet to, has great lighting.  Amazing lighting…they may even have trick mirrors.  The point is you feel good in the dressing room thus, you feel good enough to buy the cute pants instead of peeling them off and hoofing it to your car as quickly as possible.  So, good lighting.  That is my million dollar idea of the day. Who’s with me? 😉

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